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LA Clippers vs Utah Jazz Full GAME 4 Highlights | 2021 NBA Playoffs

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I need to upgrade my PC so I can continue making highlights in the new season.

the Clippers took Game 4 to even the series against the Jazz.

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42 comments on “LA Clippers vs Utah Jazz Full GAME 4 Highlights | 2021 NBA Playoffs

  1. Players need to stop acting like Lebron and stop begging for calls.Really pathetic to see superstars doing this.Blake Griffin /Patrick Beverly are sure candidates for an Oscar I will add 🏀

  2. Donovan “ @#SpydaMitchell “ is a solidified bonafied “ #SupaDupaSta “ but along w/da rest of da Utah Jazz supportin cast & crew, they ultimately proved 2 b no match 4 “ #Da #Proverbial #Po’ #Man’z #Throwback #Thursday’z “ / “ #NBA #2K21 “ version of “ #Batman 🦇 & #Robin 🐧 “ aka “ #Kawhat? #Kawhere? #Kawhen? #Kawow? #Kahow? #Kawho? #Kawhi “ aka “ #Da #Klaw “ Leonard & Paul aka “ #PG13 / #PLAYOFF #P “ George
    #Ballaholics #Anonymous

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  4. Clippers on that ass now. Don’t count the Jazz out yet though. Donovan Mitchell is a certified problem. He hasn’t peaked yet either. Still a young player. He could take off like a spike on the Richter scale and make history. Maybe not win the series but still have a career night. He did put Paul George out once before along with Melo and Westbrook a few years back I believe. That’s a huge confidence booster

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