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KTV cluster: Covid-19 measures to be updated soon | ST NEWS NIGHT


As numbers from the KTV cluster continue to peak, Minister Lawrence Wong said that the authorities have been deliberating on what additional measures to take and will give an update soon.

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32 comments on “KTV cluster: Covid-19 measures to be updated soon | ST NEWS NIGHT

  1. Now cluster creators should be treated as back biters of singapore and treated as anti social elements a nd deported stripping all status in sg and thrown back to their natural habitat..

  2. Lock it down why is it so difficult! Everyday cases increased today lots of it, what's gonna happen!!! 5 allowed to dine in and then back to 2 again, up down up down, pls🙏 for the safety of our nations society back to phase 1, implement it ASAP temporarily just till these Outbreak subsides, otherwise we'll be like Malaysia worst & no ending!

  3. Are those men who visited the KTV vaccinated?
    If yes, and yet they contract COVID-19, shows that the vaccine is useless.

  4. The government deploy safe distance officer Island wide…but forgotten tis entertainment area…they should deployed enforcement officer much earlier…knowing how fast covid19 can spread…its a another lesson to learn…coming durian long q…??????

  5. To all the sexual immoral perverse animals of humanity, nothing is kept secret or hidden in darkness, the law will reveal you in this COVID pandemic…Have fun with the desires of your flesh while you die in your shame and in your marriage!

  6. "Of the 677,348 medical personnel who received two doses of Sinovac, 618 became infected, health ministry data from April to July showed. A nurse has died and another medical worker is in critical condition." – Thailand
    Hundreds of Thai medical workers infected despite Sinovac vaccinations | Reuters

    618 out of 677,348 medical personnel = 0.1%
    Pfizer and Moderna can do better for frontline staff ?

  7. Always one day late and a dollar short.
    Ministers, please raise your game !
    Start implementing more stringent measures and impose heavier punishment !

  8. Many countries like Indonesia is experiencing the worse from delta variant.
    Singapore still taking it lightly.
    Sad to say
    Now Singapore is going to taste what the virus really can do.😢😢😢😢

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