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Kobe Bryant explains that Michael Jordan is like a big brother and he calls him

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Now if you rank Michael Jordan as the number 1 guy you can go on the radio program and show your facts just send an email it is in the about section.


8 comments on “Kobe Bryant explains that Michael Jordan is like a big brother and he calls him

  1. I remember back in the late 2000s – early 2010s Jordan groupies hated Kobe. They at that time saw Kobe as a threat to their hero so they bashed him for being merely a "copycat" of their hero. Then once the Kobe Lakers title window closed and the Miami Heat started winning rings their hatred switched to LeBron lol. They oddly enough shortly after that started to back Kobe and use Kobe's "similar to MJ" as a way to prop Kobe up as a shield to keep LeBron away from MJ. Yet that similarity was once the thing they knocked Kobe for.

    I would not even be surprised if they end up backing LeBron someday as another shield to keep a newer player away from MJ. They hate LeBron now but may use him later to create distances for Giannis / Luka / Zion once the media really starts to push them in "all time GOAT" debates lol.

  2. MJ's little brother is Kobe Bryant, the most skilled player in NBA history. Everyone in the league idolized Michael and wanted his wisdom. What young star in the league sought out LeBron James' advice on the game? Luka Doncic? Zion Williamson? Kyrie Irving, Jayson Tatum, Devin Booker, Joel Embiid, Anthony Davis, and Giannis all looked for mentorship from Kobe Bryant, not LeBron.

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