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King Von – Wanye's Story (Official Video) REACTION

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* King Von blowing my mind yet again *


Original Video :
Into Music: Land of the Grey by Ryan Caraveo

Also if you don’t like how I react or what I say there is plenty other reaction channels out there, go check em out (:

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21 comments on “King Von – Wanye's Story (Official Video) REACTION

  1. This song is about himself he’s talking the the third person calling himself “shorty” von did a lot of dirt in the streets

  2. you should react to more drill songs by different people in chicago, such as lil marc, chief keef, bosstop(his old songs mainly), lil durk, jb binladen, tay 600, g herbo, capo, kts von, fbg duck, young pappy, shootashellz, l’a capone, etc

  3. Keep going!! Pls you need to drop “Don’t Want To Be Me” by von frm his Levon James álbum. 🕊🙏🏼

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