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Kim Kardashian, Jay-Z Surprise At Kanye's 'Donda' Live Listening Event

Kanye West is back with his hotly anticipated new album ‘Donda’ and fans of the rapper got their fair share of surprises at the live listening event, as Kim Kardashian and her kids stepped out to support while Jay-Z showed up on Kanye’s closing track.

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29 comments on “Kim Kardashian, Jay-Z Surprise At Kanye's 'Donda' Live Listening Event

  1. Jay Z told Ye to leave Kim cause Beyonce wants to be center stage as always wants the attention, bich please get over yoself!! Kanye you don't have to be married to Kim to still make a family, it's probably better that way she can't legally do anything to you.

  2. It was awesome to hear Jay on this track !! It was really nice that Kim was there with their children, Chloe and Jonathan was there to support Kanye !! ET didn’t mention the new girlfriend !!

  3. How they going to remain friends when he don't even speak to her he has to go through his business manager I think she was invited but I don't think he was all in her face like that and being the family man

  4. They were not fair to Kanye, and yet J Z been cheating on Beyonce was even kicked on Elevator. However, work and career is important. Even if they have to work together, they must consider that Kanye is human, just like them.

  5. Red shoe society… Pray for Kenya he is n a grave area I think he is n a fight for his life. Have a listen to Bishop Larry Gaiters regarding Cobe Bryant.

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