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Kim Jong Un says 'Grave Incident' has Happened due to Lapses in Anti-Epidemic Efforts

The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea called its second enlarged meeting of the Eighth Party Central Committee at the headquarters building of the Party Central Committee on June 29 in order to seriously deal with the delinquency of duty of some senior officials which occurred in carrying out the major policy tasks of the Party and the state and make a new turning point in bringing about a revolutionary change in the personnel affairs throughout the whole Party.
The respected Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, guided the meeting.
Present at the meeting were Presidium members, members and alternate members of the Political Bureau and officials of the Party Central Committee, leading Party and administrative officials of the ministries and national agencies, chief secretaries of the provincial Party committees, chairpersons of the provincial people’s committees, Party chief secretaries of cities, counties and complexes and officials concerned of the armed forces organs and in the state emergency anti-epidemic sector.
Before discussing agenda items, Kim Jong Un mentioned the purpose of calling the enlarged meeting of the Political Bureau right after the Plenary Meeting of the Party Central Committee.
He pointed out that senior officials in charge of the important state affairs have neglected to implement the major Party decisions on taking organizational, material, scientific and technological measures as demanded by the protracted state emergency anti-epidemic campaign to cope with the worldwide health crisis and thus caused a crucial incident of creating a great crisis in the security of the state and people, and it has brought about a serious aftereffect.
Making a sharp analysis that the important factor of applying the brake to carrying out the crucial tasks discussed and decided on at the Party Congress and the Party plenary meetings and obstructing it is the incompetence and irresponsibility of the cadres, he touched on waging a more intensive struggle against the ideological defects and all sorts of negative factors occurring among the cadres throughout the whole Party.
He said the real purpose of this meeting is to lay bare the main obstacle and impediment of hindering the advance of our Party and revolution, give a warning to the present realities of the ranks of cadres and open a prelude to the intensive and continuous struggle of the whole Party, and presented agenda items to be discussed at the meeting.
The Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee consented to the agenda items presented with a unanimous approval.
The enlarged meeting of the Political Bureau discussed as a major agenda item the issue on drawing a serious lesson from the acts alien to the Party revealed by senior Party and state officials in implementing the Party decisions.
It heard a report on shortcomings committed by some cadres.
The report informed in detail of the delinquency of duty of some senior officials who have neglected to implement the Party decisions and the most important tasks of the state, turning away from the great trust and expectation of the entire Party members and other people and the noble responsibility and mission for the Party and the revolution.
It also made a scathing analysis of the serious mistakes of those officials who gave hindrance to realizing the strategic plan of the Party and had a negative effect on the stabilization of the people’s living and the overall economic construction, swayed by self-protectionism and passivity without making strenuous efforts with utmost prudence to implement the decisions and instructions of the Party Central Committee, the organized will and the supreme order of the whole Party.


33 comments on “Kim Jong Un says 'Grave Incident' has Happened due to Lapses in Anti-Epidemic Efforts

  1. Isn't this very meeting a grave incident and a lapse in anti-epidemic efforts? I don't see a single mask. I hope everyone is safe from COVID. Good luck DPRK 🙂👍

  2. It is interesting how in the whole world,including North Korea only people must wear masks, but “Gods” are immune to it, they dont give a ,….. about masks

  3. I hope the people of the DPRK will be safe despite this incident from Covid. I wouldn’t be surprised if US intervention helped to spread Covid into the DPRK, not like they haven’t used biowarfare against them before.

  4. Kim Jong-Un, the greatest leader on Earth, he fired politicians for refusing to implement/enforce anti-Covid measures and he killed capitalists for trying to import goods. I wish he was my leader. From the USA. Eternal glory to and solidarity with Kim Jong-Un and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea!!!

  5. DPRK is the only nation on Earth that managed to keep out the Coronavirus, and they're still not satisfied. I love the DPRK SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. The greatest nation on Earth for sure & Great Leader Kim Jong-Un is my eternal lord and savior.

  6. Inclusive tendo a partilha de poder entre as duas nações, alternando a condução da Coreia Unificada: um período legislativo o Norte escolhendo seu Primeiro Ministro e o Sul, o Presidente; próxima legislatura inverte os comandos.

  7. North Korea China Russia Iran and Venezuela are always trying to bring true democracy and human rights in the world but war morn america is always planing to wage a war after failed in Afghanistan Iraq and Syria

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