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    Look threw this how you do in frames its actual footage edited over. You see her different jeans under girl with red hair. Her trainer showing under and on the opposite foot and 1 bare foot. Look in the mirror opposite ice box and the people in hall way. In the frames I see loads. It's a piss take reenactment over footage.✌🏼

  2. In the halls it's a female mixed with I think the black security guard. It's a security guard uniform or police looks security tho.. holding her up this was after you see blood n shit they must of put her outside the door fucked up and either security found her or she tryed getting away when they went for her phone n keys. At some point the staff took over.

  3. come on man, havent you heard! everybody knows it all happened in the storage room near the freezer when it was under construction they have the freezer camera video proof out on rachet t.v.(aledgly)

  4. When she's coming out the elevator to me it looks like really her head is kneeling down and the head is Tynasiah. I see others with her.sorry been gone for a minute. I'll catch up on your content as soon as I get home.

  5. At the very end you see Theresa face and right under her chin it looks as if that is mouth with her tongue hanging out. Lord footage, I know that you post these blurry snapshots for a reason there's something to be found in them because I know you would not otherwise do it however some of us do not have the computer knowledge or technology to find what you are putting out there so that we can solve this case. You got to give us a few hints

  6. Its a"SHAME " that this young lady was at this hotel party and She seemed to be the only one in that state and all those people staff and party goers who have seen, heard and know what happen to her and its been 4yrs and NOT 1 PERSON HAS SHOWN ANY COMPASSION NOR FELT CONVICTED ENOUGH TO COME FORWARD FOR HER DEATH TO RECEIVE JUSTIFICATION❗😪 SMH

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