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Kazuha Build and Guide (DPS and Support) | Genshin Impact

Here’s a Kazuha Guide for everyone with an F2P set up (except for some team comps)! Goodluck on getting him 🙂

Tanks foe washin as always!

Krys Talk – Fly Away (JPB Remix)
Lakey Inspired – Better Days
YUMMI – Wanderer

0:00 Intro
1:00 Stat Showcase
1:13 Weapon Choices
2:36 Artifact Choices
3:44 Artifact Showcase Support Kazu
3:56 Constellations
4:15 Talent Prioritization
4:39 Team Composition
5:20 Damage Showcase
7:59 Outro

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49 comments on “Kazuha Build and Guide (DPS and Support) | Genshin Impact

  1. Story time.

    Once o was playing with the AR 55 player in co op (I was AR 36 at the time) I had just got Kazuha and was trying to level him up as fast as possible. He was level 60 and his dmg? Yikes. So… we went to go fight the cryo flower thing she got there a few seconds before I did and I had an ult ready on him. So I hit it a few times and did my ult. It died. Long story short— I once 1 shored the cryo flower.

    P.s. the ar 55 freaked out lol

  2. (4pc viridescent)lvl 80, 20k hp, 1.1k atk, 852 def, 413 em, 39% crit rate, 125% crit dmg, 61.6% anemo dmg bonus, iron sting and he does max 6-7k with his e and 3k with Q, can someone help what should i change? or is it ok?

  3. Phew, seeing his normal attacks mostly amounts to 700 relieved me cuz mine is also like that.
    I was worried if I built him wrong since my main focus was elemental mastery but lacking crit rate and crit dmg really brothered me

    Edited: especially after Ayaka release. Her normal attacks are pog even more so after a little dash. But I'm not pulling for her cuz she's not needed in my team comp

  4. I have aquilla favonia and skyward blade. U have kazuha and ayaka but idk which sword to give to them. I also have 4 star weapons such as ironsting, lions roar. Please suggest

  5. Can i ask? Currently I’m maining him with 2 gladi 2 vv since anemo goblet i have is gladi. Using blackcliff sword too.

    The output around 10-14k but my question is since i solely focus on crit rate/damage and atk%, should i concern about em too? Because of my artifact solely focus on that and still bad, my em have only like 150 now. Lvl 80 kazuha

  6. Why is everyone so bitter about Kazuha and keeps comparing him with Sucrose? Sucrose is better in terms of reactions due to her passive that buffs EM for every party member and if you have her c6 she also buffs 20% elemental dmg but only if her ult is up and that is the downside of it and her long skill cooldowns. Meanwhile Kazuha is better at team comps where you don't do elemental reactions that much like co-op because he buffs ELEMENTAL DAMAGE itself for every element swirled, he can also swirl multiple elements and also has short cooldowns so he can buff your elemental damage continously,also he shred shields faster compared to other anemo units cause he can swirl multiple elements and his other passive that absorbs other elements and deal 200% damage on the swirled element(I switched my sucrose to Kazuha at Spiral Abyss because Kazuha can break those Lector's shield faster with the right team comps and he can dodge easily, while i use sucrose to subtitute my Venti depending on the new setup of the abyss but sometimes i also use kazuha and sucrose together. WHY NOT USE THEM TOGETHER?😉

  7. No regrets pulling this dude. Very cheap to build. I don't even need to level his talents just slap full elemental mastery and you're done

  8. I got him on accident yesterday and i have no idea if i should add him to my team or make a different one. Can someone help pls im fairly new at the game and still figuring stuff out. Also i leveled him up to 70 with iron sting
    My current team:
    Eula, Fischl, Bennett, Mona

  9. main dps: hu tao
    sub dps: mona
    support elem: kazuha

    order of attack: mona elem then kazuha burst for continuous swirl with water then hu tao fire attack for prolonged vaporize… really nasty against bosses i tell ya.

  10. I saved up so much for this character, and at 75 pulls I got Jean for the 5th time.
    But around 25 rolls later, I was playing with my friend and decided to roll two fates. And now I'm here, because he finally came home 🙂

  11. why my viridescent set max 20 but only give me 44 elemental mastery but instead a huge amount of crit dmg and energy recharge. (Cry in the corner)

  12. I bought one intertwined fate, and did a wish not expecting much but got Kazuha. I don’t have any 5 or many 4 star artifacts though

  13. I don't get it.

    My 200 EM Kazuha with ATK% sands, Crit DMG crown and the Black Sword, at level 80 and all talents lvl 8 just like you, is dealing more swirl damage than yours. And also has better crit ratios (60% to 160%).

    I'm dealing between 15k-18k per crit E and crit infused plunge, not buffed and without Q.

    I guess EM is only better if you get godlike substat rolls or if you get his cons, because even as a support my build helps the team more than a full EM build.

  14. I built him with Iron sting like this: galdiator+viridescent atk%|anemo dmg%|crit rate%… it ok? Or is it better if i replace the crit rate artifact with atk one?

  15. I dont know how but i just equipped my jean's sword on him and he did 1.8k base atk(his sword is lvl70 and jean's is lvl 80)

  16. Yesterday got mona with 1 pull and today night got kazuha😱😱😱 I gannna say 😒 wtf. I suggest every body should try single pull at night 12:02 _2:49(Asia server) chances around 17% to 39% depends on your luck

  17. I just got him I’m so freaking happy he’s my third 5 Star so far and gosh I really wanted him since I saw the leaks I was like god damn I need him🥺

  18. my dream team after seeing this vid is kazuha chongyun diluc and beidou kazuha and diluc dps then swirl and superconduct then NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

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