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Kanye West NEW DONDA Album Thoughts

Kanye West is reportedly dropping an album this Friday titled Donda. We’ve been through this before with Kanye appearing to drop music & not following through but this time we actually have confirmation & new snippets. Let’s talk about what I want from new Kanye music, what I’ve noticed about this rollout & what the motivation could be.

Kanye West – DONDA New Album

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46 comments on “Kanye West NEW DONDA Album Thoughts

  1. While we haven't got it, Kanye did similiar thing to pre-release of MBDTF.

    Dude lives in a stadium and isn't going out.

    The same thing he did with island, where he invited all the guests / chefs and lived there until he released it.

    This dude will surely release DONDA just for the sake of that name.

    Snippet of '' I know god breathes on this '' where Mike Dean is up in smoke and Kanye jumping around like mad is just… That kind of duo with that kind of energy just can't let us down.

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