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Josh Hawley on his plan to contest Electoral College results

Sen. Josh Hawley breaks down why he is contesting the presidential election results and says he has the right to debate it. #FoxNews

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43 comments on “Josh Hawley on his plan to contest Electoral College results

  1. LOL the new Republican Party Trader Party. Over 300 gullible Trump supporters arrested so far. Think lying conman Trump will offer to help them with legal fees? Ya Right! MAGA=MORONS ARE GULLIBLE ALWAYS.

  2. The Josh Hawley Option. He has this last change to clear his families name for generations by convicting trump or double down and hope the rest of America turn into white supremacist, conspiracy theory republicans. The problem is, these so called smart guys often over think this, and double down. You will go down in history as the smart guy who fueled the Big Lie which caused the sacking of the US Capitol. Thanks Josh Hawley, you suck.

  3. Senator Josh Hawley Helped Trump Lead the Insurrection to Attack the United States Capitol Building and U.S. Government

  4. No!!!! So called Christians have taken money and power as their (little) god which is to say mammon. I could quote many scriptures to outdo what you claim as godly. If you are a believer you are called to teach the gospel of salvation. Do not try to use scripture to justify your use for white supremacy. I would suggest you read scripture and apply it to yourself. You are a bigot. You remind me of the scribes and pharisees of Yashua's time. They were like sepulcres. Painted a beautiful white on the outside but full of dead bones. Go ahead! Raise your white power fist before your church or churches.

  5. We know Hawley used campaign funds for personal purchases, just like Trump. You can't drain the swamp when you ARE the swamp.

  6. The Constitution is to me a lot like The Bible, meaning that people twist it to make it support what they are saying and to make it support their views

  7. Mr. Hawley destroyed his own political career with this stunt. Blew up in his face two days later. Usually karma doesn’t work so fast.

  8. He said " I have heard from people like I've never heard before" . Sounds like Donald Trump prepped him. Lol. Both are losers. Josh will lose his job.

  9. Six people died in the riot. Mr Hawley could send flowers to the grieving families he caused. He makes millions on the fundraising. Sweet little con game. One term and forgotten.

  10. The republicans who voted for trump are not all trumpists and fanatics and do not feel disenfranchised, only josh's
    constituants who are a very smaĺl portion on the 75 or so miĺion that voted for trump. By the way josh, do yourself a favor, fox news is not the only answer to everything. Venture out And explore otèr perspectives.

  11. So instead of being a leader and telling them the truth, you act like a punk and cower to the mob. Nice job.

  12. He is not the first to object to a election. Many Democrats have done the same thing. He did what he felt was right. He is a huge target for the left.

  13. how do these idiots get in office. guy is so dumb he doesnt even know when someone is greeting him. surprised to see fox news supporting a truthful narrative

  14. Yeah he may want to grab a piece of cardboard and a marker sit on the corner with Lindsey Graham hoping to get a dollar

  15. Josh Hawley doesn’t even live in Missouri. Not at all. Josh is a Fake, a swindler, con man & phony.

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