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Joe Biden Aims to Pass COVID-19 Relief With or Without Republicans

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31 comments on “Joe Biden Aims to Pass COVID-19 Relief With or Without Republicans

  1. Wow so your not gonna say happy Black History Month but you said happy women’s history month on March 1st

  2. Yes Moscow Mitch is great example of how Republicans can be trusted. MC Cinal lies all the time. Says one thing, does opposite. NEVER FOR THE PEOPLE

  3. Cut it down the middle to a 900 billion to 1 Trillion relief Package with a 1,400 direct payment. Where the rest of the money goes is to be worked out between Schumer and the 10 Republicans.

  4. theres a video that reminded me of this, democrats fighting for morality than for the people when republicans fight them, they should go for the 1.9 trillion plan

  5. do NOT let them water down this vital bill. “Bipartisanship” isn’t an excuse for letting this recession slip into a depression

  6. Can’t unite with stupidity. Ignore these Republicans, then nuke the filibuster!
    People don’t care who vote for the money, as long as they receive the money.

  7. Imagine voting no on a stimulus package where every bit of it is very necessary and Americans haven’t had covid relief for MONTHS! Why oppose? What if it was your brother or sister or mom or dad?

  8. My question is why the fuck would've they compromise this is literally about helping the American people like let's compromise and have less help to people 🤔like why don't they get on board and be like hey you want to help the American people let's pass this thing through yesterday and actually get aid going.

  9. It wouldn't be wise to pander to the r party. They'll just create a narrative that he's weak. Currently, there are lots of immature republican stuff shirts sitting in congress. There's no working with them. It's just dumb to waste time trying to look bipartisan with the current r party.

  10. I really hope this helps unite democrats and republicans…We're so vulnerable because of this division.

  11. Just remember folks, if Ossoff or Warnock lost the election last month, that wimpy $600 billion package is all that we'd get. Elections matter!

  12. Not to worry, when the American people vote the Avengers Party into office in 2022 and 2024, we will get things done. Vote Avenger!

  13. If Democrats pass the bill through reconciliation, Manchin and Sinema will probably tweak it slightly, thought it should largely remain intact

  14. Imagine an independent (european university) economist going on major media interview listing all the things the stingy counteroffer cuts, and what happens without them. Especially the support for States. Then see the Democrat ads : "Senate Republicans didn't want you to have… but we pushed it through." – one for each item. Lousy counteroffer leaves the GOP open to this, and the learning experience might push them to negotiate more honestly next time.

  15. I am sitting in my bed with a stuffy nose, no sense of taste or smell, a sore throat and coughing that hurts my chest due to Covid. This is a much needed ray of sunshine

  16. Thank you Joe Biden, for realizing we have to be aggressive like the republicans were.

  17. I wish that that republicans would agree to work with Biden, but if they won't, we'll just have to pass the stimulus without them. We're not interested in their watered down version.

  18. Instead of a COVID relief plan, President Biden should working collaboratively with all of the states governors with vaccine distribution & encouraging them to reopen their economies & allow business and their citizens to get back to work to grow their economy. #ReopenAmericaNow

  19. I really hope the dems can get a package out quickly so they can start moving to the real legislation that needs to be passed

  20. People need to understand just bc is bipartisanship doesn't mean is good to the American people. The Iraq war, crime bill, patriot act were all bipartisan. Today all of those bills are hated by the majority of Americans. Biden needs to chose the concerns of 80% of Americans instead of the concern of 10 GOP SEN., they never gave a damn about the deficit for Trump's tax cuts.

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