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JJ's Yummy Pizza Song | CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Yummy Yummy Pizza! What’s JJ’s favorite pizza toppings? Join CoComelon and sing along to this fun kids song! Subscribe! ►

Let’s all have some pizza
You want to “eat za pizza?”
Then let’s all make some pizza
Si! Mama Mia!

Start to knead the dough
Then we toss toss toss
Yummy yummy pizza
For our fam~i~lia!

Let’s all grab a cup
Then we cut cut cut
Yummy yummy pizza
For our fam~i~lia!

Next, we spread the sauce
With a swirl swirl swirl
Yummy yummy pizza
For our fam~i~lia!

LOTS of toppings
We can try! try! try!
Yummy Yummy pizza
For our fam~i~lia!


Pop it in the oven
Then we bake bake bake
Yummy yummy pizza
For our fam~i~lia!

We made a yummy pizza
Now we “eat za pizza!”
So let’s all eat our pizza!
Si! Mama-mia!

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