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Jacob Blake is not getting any money so far from the city of Kenosha

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Without comment or deliberation, the Kenosha City Council has denied a claim for damages from Jacob Blake, the man paralyzed in a police shooting last summer.

The council voted 17-0 Monday night, rejecting the claim in which Blake sought damages for medical expenses, lost wages and “pain and suffering and disfigurement” as filed by Chicago-based attorneys March 11 with the office of the city’s clerk-treasurer.

The claim is capped at $50,000, in accordance with state law, although Blake’s legal team at Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C. also submitted an itemization of “special damages” in the amount of $776,614.67 resulting from his injuries.

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4 comments on “Jacob Blake is not getting any money so far from the city of Kenosha

  1. Do you guys think Jacob Blake deserves $776,614.67 for injuries he caused not obeying authority? Do you think more states will stop awarding criminal behavior due to race relations? Please tell us your thoughts!

  2. Great video!! I really hope that in the coming years more Black people would wake up and not continue to be fooled by the democrats and the games they’ve been playing for years. Democrats have literally destroyed the Black community and people still think it’s the
    KKK & the republicans fault. Last time I checked Democrats have just as much power as Republicans do when it comes to getting things done and just about all communities with a predominantly Black population is democrat ran and has been that way for decades. And a lot of Black folks still don’t get it and until they do we will continue to see more Jacob Blake’s, George Floyd’s and so on because the bad behaviors they practice is a product of single mother households and toxic Black culture that is reinforced through hip hop and social media which are also controlled by the white liberal.

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