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‘It feels like a sick joke’: UN elects Iran to women’s commission

Spiked Online Editor Brendan O’Neill says it “feels like a sick joke” that the United Nations elected Iran to the women’s commission.

It comes after 43 of the 54 nations in the UN’s Economic and Social Council elected Iran to the Commission on the Status of Women.

“Iran, this is a country in which women have to wear the hijab; recently three women were imprisoned for 30 years between them for refusing to wear the hijab and organising protests against it,” Mr O’Neill told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

“This is a country that oppresses women, this is a country that treats women as second-class citizens.

“The idea that it should be on a committee for women’s rights and gender equality is just absolutely perverse.”


28 comments on “‘It feels like a sick joke’: UN elects Iran to women’s commission

  1. Some other questionable current members: Iraq, Niger, Somalia, Saudi Arabia and Somalia

  2. Drove past Sheffield Uni the other week and there was a big banner in the windows stating: "Immigrants welcome". Says it all really!

  3. This channel is totally unhinged and should be shut down. The only thing it spreads is HATE.

  4. This is the best laugh I've had since the start of the lockdowns . Hang on this is a joke isn't it

  5. Australia is a racist and fascist country. We condemn current regime of Australia.

  6. White men thinking only they have the right to criticize others about their human rights is a pathetic joke

  7. I love how in west women body are in every screen. I am sure it's as easy as to walk to them and they will say yes. So using women is easy in west. If u want to become who*re the leave the country in which who*re dom is illegal

  8. The UN is opening the door to let communists and totalitarians have access to women and children. I never believed in the UN, WHO.

  9. All countries treat women like second class citizens. All countries contain racists. All countries have a class system. All Governments look after their own interests and Ego first. When will ALL of them realise this is wrong. #UN #EU #BorisJohnson and #DonaldTrump are misogynists with a historic career of using and abusing women. Why are we still fighting to be heard? Dogs have many different breeds to consider. The human race has 2. Neutrality is of benefit to no-one.

  10. PEOPLE OF THE WORLD especially women have to raise against UN and globalist bastards. Is US was one the voters for Iran. I bet Russia was against it

  11. Woke leftist logic Women deserve equal pay, equal respect and equal rights…. Also woke leftist logic when asked about women's rights in Iran: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>🏃‍♀️

  12. The un is a bunch of un elected corrupt ppl who prolong wars for the $….they hv always hated Israel……. they want the wars … they are just as EVIL AS THEIR puppeteers……

  13. It's sad I have to go to Australia for my news for US, but thank u all the same. Straighter than our media….especially after fox showed us we can't trust them in the end….not in the end.

  14. UN Women made Daniel Radcliffe their poster boy when he contradicted JK Rowling over what a woman is.

    They don't care about women.

  15. Sadly I can't say that I am surprised. I know from lifelong personal experience just how corrupt all governments are.

  16. Iraq gained it's wealth through forcing whole nations to convert to Islam or die. They still have people working for them watching the crops etc who aren't paid. It was a tiny little town that force pale complexion people to work for it long before the dark skinned ones had a problem and they're lecturing us about it. They were mud huts before we arrived. They didn't want to intergrate with the locals or listen to them now they complain about high levels of racism and Islamaphobia. You can't have it both ways. Ny rights we should have nothing to do with Iraq or South Africa over slavery.

  17. Sarah Hanson Young ……..Hello …..Are you still there….What do you think of this move from the UN… Considering you are such a supporter of this joke….

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