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Is the Charm of Heavenly Rebuke any Good? | Ghost of Tsushima

Explaining if the new charm is worth using.
Infinite Heavenly Strike Build

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12 comments on “Is the Charm of Heavenly Rebuke any Good? | Ghost of Tsushima

  1. I'll be honest i really don't use the heavenly strike all that much, ive actually kinda found it underpowered and actually fighting your enemies looks way cooler, I normally only use it if I know im about to get hit

    Or if I feel like cutting someone's arm off

  2. Charm of Carnage is much more fun, but I have a problem to even play main GOT after playing legends is just to easy.
    Need to complete ng+ to get platinum.

  3. Important note: The lightning strike doesn't happen if you have clear weather, play "Lament of the Storm" on your flute to change the weather into stormy weather and then it'll proc more often.

  4. SP could do a great thing with this one but they ruined it, the fact that thunder just shows up 1 time every 5 or 8 hits maybe it's a huge dissappnment.

  5. Have you tried playing the flute for change the weather? I feel it will proc more if it’s raining.

  6. man i love the concept of this charm but i wish. Even if it was made to be op, it would be so much fun

  7. Ngl I tried it once before and the same things happened to me good video tho now Ik it’s pretty much useless

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