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27 comments on “Is Amouranth Secretly Married?

  1. At the risk of sounding like a republ… er, I mean, like a crazy conspiracy theorist, imagine she actually put that shit out so she'd have a place to steer the conversation when this topic comes up. That'd be some crazy planning ahead, boy! Though she is a sharp businesswoman, so it could be…

    But yeah, she never actually said "I'm not married" or "I'm single". When Ethan said "single and NOT ready to mingle!", she just said "yeah, not ready to mingle". Lol. Slick. Rule #1: never shake the disillusioned simps BACK into reality. That would be very bad business.

  2. I only watched the first like 2 minutes of this and she very clearly says that she's not married like 3 times.

    Whether she's lying or not is a different story.

  3. She’s not single. The way she responds to the question is obvious. It would hurt her business, which is fine and understandable. Also, to claim OF is ‘a lot of work’ and ‘I’ve upped the production value’… Seriously nobody cares.

  4. Well men probably can’t stand to see a women as successful as her so they’ll make up that she’s married for no reason cuz they’re insecure about themselves . If she was a male no body would give a fuck if hes married

  5. unless something has changed, she is legally married. The public records are available. Being a streamer/OF content producers are absolutely allowed to have their privacy and be married and happy but holy shit going through these lengths to lie through your teeth? Especially when the records are readily available? that’s so shady imo

  6. of course she is married, how do you think she afforded that massive house which she's lived in before she was ever a streamer. Also in her explicit video's there's often times a dudes hand in video and its always the same hand

  7. She is definitely married and can be easily searched through the Harris County Clerk. There is no divorce/annulment on record. I don't think it really matters to her followers anyway.

  8. the number 1 rule of e-girl business, don't let the simps know you are in a relationship or are getting railed by 10/10 chads on the weekly, those sub counts will plummet.

  9. The chat was spamming ask her about Nick Lee who is her husband for a while when they were talking about this and Ethan decided to ignore it.. Why do you chicken out on asking her about him, yet post this video on your highlights channel?? She obviously wouldn't want this video up…..

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