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Iran’s New TERROR Tactic? Israel Hit With TONS Of Black Tar | Watchman Newscast

On today’s Watchman Newscast, host Erick Stakelbeck breaks down reports that the massive oil spill that has devastated Israel’s coastline was an intentional act of environmental terrorism by Iran. New evidence reveals that a vessel left Iran in January and eventually dumped hundreds of tons of crude oil off the coast of Israel before returning to Iran, where it is currently docked. The spill has shut down Israel’s Mediterranean beaches, harmed wildlife and caused what some Israeli government officials are calling the worst environmental disaster in Israel’s history. Is this a devastating new terror tactic and could it come to a beach near you?
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38 comments on “Iran’s New TERROR Tactic? Israel Hit With TONS Of Black Tar | Watchman Newscast

  1. God is with his people they will go through tribulations and pain and suffering but in the long run it will be the winners America has helped Israel so much but in the long run America is going to suffer when these kingdoms come against to make the mark of the beast and call Peace to all nations get ready people America is in the Bible

  2. So Iran is setting forest fires in California? Hmmmmmmmm. Are they also involved in nasty winter storms as well? One can only imagine.

  3. Those People doing this have no care for the Damage they are doing to Plant and Animal Life. Their Hate of Israel is so Great, as the Hate in America of President Trump.
    Look what American Hate has done to America. We will be Destroyed as a Nation.

  4. If ships turn there I’d off at any time stop them from going through the Suez Canal and send in jet fighters and the navy to impound the ship until heavy fines have been paid🤔

  5. Iran is not afraid to do whatever they want right now. They have the Obama administration back in office and they know they can do whatever they like and nothing will happen. Perhaps Joe Biden will load up another plane full of cash and send it there and tell them to stop releasing oil which I'm sure they will listen 😆. Think it's time for Israel to send their needy out and keep an eye on what's going on off their shores. The one thing Israel is not afraid of and that is defending its homeland. I just wish President Trump was still in office he would make sure nothing like this would have happened again.

    And you're also 100% right about the mainstream media or any media covering this story. I am not a Jewish man I am just a big friend to Israel. I admire the people there and what they have been able to accomplish since establishing a country for theirselves. They have taken on almost the entire world by theirselves and are still there despite efforts from others. It just so happens before the virus hit I had travel plans to Israel. Now they're on hold. It wouldn't surprise me if Joe Biden would shut down access to and from Israel using the virus as an excuse. I'm still waiting for him to say he's going to move our embassy again.

  6. Dear Eric the Watchman, could you please find out what wire has come loose in BeBe's brain that he is FORCING HIS CITIZENS TO TAKE AN EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGIC, what clouded his judgement so horribly! Ty watching that.

  7. 3/26/21: WTH? Haven't heard a THING about this!?!?! Just continued sickening, what lengths terrorists will go to, to inflict harm, pain, death, etc. on their targets of choice. This is a new low on some levels.

  8. After centuries, you think that people would learn not to mess with Israel ?? They have been taught to be paranoid, and they are good at it. ! They already have the case solved. Bless them.😇

  9. Instead of picking up the tar by hand, they really need to use cat litter pooper scooper. Sand is just as small as sand. So I would use pooper scooper to get them tar out of the sand faster.

  10. Coolio. Can we please pull all our troops away from that region of the world and just let them have at it?
    Sick of hearing about their bs

  11. Deliberately done. Crude oil can be chemically checked, which will show the location that the oil came from. Next time it leaves Iranian waters sink it, 13 miles off Iran's coast.
    Greta won't say anything. Uncle George won't want her to annoy his friends in Iran

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