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Inside Miami Condo Collapse Ring Camera Frame By Frame

This is as close as we have to security camera video as a resident of the Champlain Towers South had her Ring camera installed in her condo and luckily they were away for the day. Their ring camera captured the collapse of the Miami condo building as it happened and in this video we step through it frame by frame to show you things that you might not have noticed before. We also show you the proper places to donate to help the surfside cause without getting scammed. do not donate to any person website or entity asking you for money for surfside that isn’t part of these two links below that have been vetted. Anything other than those two sides below are likely to be scams. one person has already stolen the identity of several of the dead victims in trying to get credit in their names.

Official Surfside Support Pages, only send aid to these vetted support sites!

GoFundMe Official Vetted Pages for Donations to Surfside collapse victims:

ENR article about concrete columns below PSI requirements:

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We also show you in this video here an enhanced screenshot from the agent now famous tourist video of the collapsed pool deck into the garage floor minutes before the building collapsed and from here you can see much more clearly all of the debris on the floor of the garage.


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  1. 0:30 – Wait a minute the walls holded up but the floors seem to buckle, that means i was right and there was a lot of busted pipes in that building. I want to say at least on each floor ranging from some hairline cracks to full blown broken pipes. It looked like the section of the room toward the outside was swaying back and forth but the part of the room near the hallway didn't move at all which is you got that damaged wall near the kitchen because the floor WAS moving. I am no expert though and it would be better to ask a expert.

  2. Thats what it was, the condo structure was NOT MADE to withstand EARTHQUAKES. Look at how this restaurant handled a horrable earthquake:

  3. I noticed the large box contains glazed presumably glass. Could this be for repairs and be the proverbial canary? Or maybe just future decorations by the tenant? 711

  4. On the far right we have the black couch with the white pillow on it. Above that are the 4 white chairs facing the counter. Between and above the middle two white chairs is a tall, dark, rectangular item – cabinet, refrigerator, something. At the 12:06 – 12:07 –12:08 time frame of this video you can see on the left side of the top of this cabinet (or whatever it is) a strip of the (white) wall of the apartment. At 12:38 you can still sort of see the white strip of the wall. By around 12:40 or 41 it appears to me that the "cabinet" has maybe shifted a bit to the left, and by 13:11 it's definitely leaning more to the left and blocking the white strip of wall. Compare between 11:48 and 14:15 and it appears to have really shifted position.

  5. Why do we think the moaning is the entire building. To me Sounds like the legs of heavy furniture grinding across the floor…. maybe slightly down hill as the slap began to tilt.

  6. Looks like the concrete slab on pool deck was saturated from the all the water not having anywhere to go! The ceiling in the garage had weakened over the years as it was accumulating water from above!
    When it had enough, it gave way! Its very sad! This building was doomed from the beginning!

  7. this prerson condo video recently bought a large OLED tv (the large moving box) on the garage enhenced photo we can see
    above the ramp at the center left of column a car licence plate and a tail light reflection on the right and probably a planter box right in the middle of the photo

  8. what about that security guard ? did he went down with the building or is he held in secrecy ? of all the videos on the net nobody is asking or answering where this person is

  9. God damn! with the amount of applications you have open on your pc, I’m surprised you are able to crank out videos of this quality on a consistent basis. By the way if learned so much about what happened to the building thanks to you, now I will try to educate others on what I think happened. Thank you so much for helping me understand.

  10. The first floor laundry room hadn't fell yet. It's the pool deck, planter, that dang beam, and column (that I think was the final domino). We couldn't see it at first, but the people whom took that video knew something was seriously wrong. They didn't specify any type of debris so I'm sure it was concrete and building material. I've wondered how some knew to run and others didn't, this ring video shows why.. Just wish it would've held on long enough for others to escape. People often complain about false alarms, esp at night, but I hope that security guards take action without hesitation. Idk this building and if they were accessible, but pull it and explain later. I'm not blaming anyone, hindsight is easy to judge. However, if this woman complained a few minutes prior to the pool deck collapse, the pool deck actually collapsed, then the other woman from the hotel next door got up and walked over to garage and filmed for a few minutes, you can't help but wonder if more people would've made it out. Also, as far a car running into the column, again I think the people whom took that garage footage would've seen and heard something if that was the case.

  11. DATME:








    #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑)


    #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾

  12. Hey, randomly stumbled across this. I have been studying this video for quite a while, myself. My biggest question is why the empty TV box 'snaps' at 0:09 of the original video when nothing else moves, including the TV sitting next to it. Wanted to make a comment before watching the video in its entirety to kind of jog my memory. Resuming watching.

  13. 'Following you since the collapse. You've been right since minute 1. Thank you for your consistent, intelligent, perceptive analysis. Horribly sad event. Yet, your detailed, respectful humanity is to be honored. Thank you.

  14. unfortunately, with how loud and destructive that footage is it’s likely many of the residents were awake and even in the process of trying to run outside when it came down 🙁

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