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Indiana restarts federal pandemic unemployment benefits, but thousands of Hoosiers still wait

Indiana has now restarted federal unemployment benefits for thousands of laid-off Hoosiers, according to leaders with the state’s Department of Workforce Development.

“DWD is restarting the three federal unemployment insurance programs,” Regina Ashley, Indiana’s chief unemployment insurance officer told reporters at a morning briefing. “Claimants were able to request weekly payments beginning yesterday. In fact, as of this morning, we’ve already paid 25,000 claimants on PUA and PEUC over $33 million.”


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18 comments on “Indiana restarts federal pandemic unemployment benefits, but thousands of Hoosiers still wait

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  2. So many peolpe continue to whine and cry about unemployment, but as i drive to my job i see at least 30 now hiring signs. Quit being lazy and expecting handouts and get a job.

  3. They opened my original claims but I haven’t seen the vouchers like they advertised. Then I reread the FAQs and said that I need to make a new claim because it’s past July 4 but why do I need to make another claim that will take 3-6 months to approve when they can just open my original claim where I got vouchers and just FUCKING PAY US

  4. Indiana is full of narcissistic tyrants who happen to be in power and they enjoy making a monopoly out of human suffering to keep the private prison industrial complex going. So Indiana is looking to put heads in beds, that is prison beds. The parasite politicians of Indiana needs to be charged with Crimes Against Humanity. It's obvious that the people in power do not care about We The People. All they care about is having total control and power over We The People.

  5. OFCOURSE, F***ng stupid Governor wants people to die with Hunger and dehydration during the worst hot weather we seen in centuries by stopping relief which was provided to people who suffered during pandemic with no fault of their own. Im GLAD United States prevailed again with Justice for ALL with out siding with Corrupt people who is claiming people not going to work because of federal relief but the "" TRUTH IS THESE CORRUPT PEOPLE FIGURE OUT A WAY NOT TO pay FAIR WAGES BY PROVIDING MISINFORMATION ABOUT PEOPLE ARE NOT RETURNING TO WORK"". Look Around you and see yourself and ask your self a question, how many places are re- open know and when you walk in to convenience store or grocery store you notice they are operating with normal work force, grocery stores has expanded their hours its not 24/7 but atleast we are getting there.

  6. I know of several in my city that falsified their claims and got 12 to $15,000 all in one lump sum but people who legitimately have worked are not getting paid that's pitiful

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