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50 comments on “I Went To A Trump Rally With 1 Simple Question

  1. In my opinion you should be able to burn any flag, as long as it yours. This doesn’t mean i support the reasons the flags get burned

  2. I agreed with everyone that said I don’t like it but it’s freedom of speech. But there were some massive wing nuts there.

    Addendum: I was a Trump Supporter. But both sides of this ridiculous divide have some nuts.

    Addendum 2: this is turning into an SCP but…. I was bloody pissed that people stormed into the capitol building. How is anyone ever going to be mad about “BLM burning cities.”

  3. 5:12
    There is a study that shows that males who are physically superior have more conservative political views, so it actually makes sense to look for partner in this quadrant of political spectrum

  4. It's nice to see an open minded liberal. It doesn't matter if you're left or right wing because we all want what we think is best for our country. Some people will take it too far on both sides though. I get that America isn't perfect, but there are many, many, many worst countries than America so I think that speaks for itself when I say we are better off than most people being in America because it could always be worst

  5. I think this shows that there is two kind of Republicans (excluding the alt right) the dad type that is really just socially conservative and is not informed in economic or foreign policies and is weirded out by the progressive stuff due to cultural shock… and fucking idiots…

  6. If you didn't steal the flag from someone then yes you should be punished for burning that flag
    But if it's your own flag
    It's yours do whatever you want with it-

  7. I’m so fucking late to this but
    “Where should they go?”
    “Cuba, Russia, Germany, China…”
    194 nations in the world to choose from and we got those 4. Not even Canada?? Damnnnnnn

  8. Its wild how different cultures value different things. In America freedom of speech is so intertwined with it that flag burning is a contention, in my country you cant even make a dress with the same design as our flag as it is considered desecrating the flag.

    I suppose for me flags should be treated with respect and thus doing something that disrespects it should entail some punishment.

  9. At 11:56 errrr that is the MAGA Bride. Yeah, that girl she is something else. And now she is running for Congress in my District. I hope she knocks on my door asking for her support. I might need to have an American flag on standby for the occasion.

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