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I Spent 100 Hours Customizing The World's Largest PS5 ($70,000)

This was absolutely insane
I can’t believe we spent 100 hours customizing the world’s largest Playstation 5 and gave PS5’s away to subscribers lol

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This PS5 is 10 feet tall (3 meters) weighs 500 pounds (227 kilograms) and cost me $70,000 in total! This playstation 5 is insane! We spent over 4 months putting together this video for you!

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45 comments on “I Spent 100 Hours Customizing The World's Largest PS5 ($70,000)

  1. This has been confirmed as the world’s largest fully functioning PS5 + Controller (not a prop)
    If we hit 1,000,000 likes I'll give away 100 PS5's to my subscribers and people in need! no joke
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  2. I am from India i have never had a gaming console of my own as my family won't buy me one pls give me one I want to become a gamer I love ps5 pls give me one

  3. please i want a ps5 for so long please give me one pls pls pls (you can draw amazing)

  4. the best zhc video that I have ever watched (not actually) but u know what I mean
    and I like how u participated with ur friends I wish I was there
    and good on u
    and u deserve to win like 5 against 1 not fair but u deserve it
    and omg 😱

  5. I love all your channels and I love all your vid and also keep up the good work😀💲💰📱

  6. I'm not sure how many people got this reference…. but dude you are FILTHY!!! lol
    14:05 for reference… gosh dude 😀

  7. I'm pretty good at art I call myself a artist and my sister told me how to draw she is still better at drawling than me

  8. a plane that will be so cool not normal but it is very expensive so u can also do a big nike Air Force!

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