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Hrishita Shyamsukha Appealing to donate blood

Out future is so bright. With such kind of awareness and the kind of poise and intelligence is being refleted,

A girl turning just 18 and the kind of responsibility she shows…

Appealing to donate blood

Hrishita Shyamsukha,

Insta handle:hrishita_8

We truly admire and are grateful to your this sincere and heartfelt honest appeal.

We at #abtypmbdd sincerely appeal to all the parents to ask their lovely kids between the age of 18 to 30 to make such videos about around 30 to 45 seconds appealing for blood donation.

We shall post their appeal on our blue ticked facebook page

And our Instagram page as well..

Come forward the future of the nation..

We know you love your parents,
Oh young boys and girls..

If you give your insta and Facebook handle as well, we shall tag you as well…



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