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Heather having amazing friendships for 4 minutes

She has friends and her friendships are amazing.

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I don’t own any of the clips used here. credit goes to Cartoon Network, Teletoon, FRESHTV, and the creators and writers of Total Drama

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30 comments on “Heather having amazing friendships for 4 minutes

  1. Here's why I stopped making total drama videos. Basically I got bored and didn't really enjoy it anymore. I didn't like making them at all really so I wanted to take a break from it and edit stuff I like and enjoy. Total Drama is far from my favorite show. I'm not saying I don't like it but I prefer many other shows over it. So I wanted to edit stuff I like much more and it was nice now that I've taken a break from it I can start fresh and enjoy editing total drama again. There that's all. Hope you understand (:

  2. Heather the best character on the Show. Harold and Heather are Best friends because of Island and Action and a little at world tour

  3. Harold is one of the better characters in the original series. Despite all the bullying and the torture he tries to see the good in everyone especially Heather.

  4. 0:04–0:57 yeah thats what i was thinking too, no matter what she did before or in the future, Harold remembering this vulnerable moment is why he calls her the good guy in world tour and helps her win.

  5. We hated her but she made this show happen. A good villain is someone who is hated by being well written. Season 3 was her peak because she was hilarious and they gave her a good arc with Alejandro.

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