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Harris meets DACA recipients after ruling

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris on Thursday told immigrant rights leaders that the Biden administration “will be tireless in fighting for a pathway to citizenship,” as the White House pushes for Congress to move on immigration reform. (July 22)

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10 comments on “Harris meets DACA recipients after ruling

  1. It’s not the child’s fault their parents smuggled them into the country illegally. The USA is the only country some of these people know and living in this limbo has got to be mentally exhausting. I’m sure made even worst by knowing what awaits them if deported back to some of these countries.
    In the past 10 years, I’ve travelled to over 60 countries and trust me, we have it made here in the USA. Living here can only be appreciated once you see what’s out there. Also, the USA has the most lenient immigration laws of any country I know of.

  2. The V.P. does terrible in polling oldman Biden better run for President again he has to do it for the sake of the country. Also, we want to hurt the feelings of the republicans which is fun.

  3. Politicians are great actors/actresses. They can never be trusted . They are disgusting. They always put their personal interest at first.

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