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Happy Graduation Day Natalia Bryant | Vanessa Bryant Shares The Moment Natalia Recieved Her Diploma

Natalia Bryant High School Graduation Ceremony | Her Dad Kobe Was With Her When She Recieved Her Diploma



23 comments on “Happy Graduation Day Natalia Bryant | Vanessa Bryant Shares The Moment Natalia Recieved Her Diploma

  1. Awwwww😢Sweet Nani. Your dad and Gigi are definitely proud of you. Vanessa, you're amazing! You put your grief and feelings secondary, to ensure that Nani BB Koko live a happy fulfilled life. I'm a girl mom, and grandma. I respect and appreciate how you continue to keep Kobe and Gigi's Legacy alive! It's definitely not easy, but you're a warrior for your husband and daughter's Legacy alive, your a humble wife#mom 2🏀🖤8💛24💜🏀⚽️25. As strong as Natalia seems to be, I want her to live a fulfilling life, and it's okay to break, Vanessa, and Natalia, your human😢 your tragedy is a life altering experience 🛑 I'm praying for you, and Nani.❤ Queen V Nani BB Koko, STILL THE BEST TEAN! ⚽️🏀

  2. Way to go Natalia, so happy for you shoot for the stars..Good job Vanessa.Kobe is so proud, Gigi is estatic..Congadulations ..
    God continously bless You..❤🙆‍♀️👩‍🎓

  3. Vanessa GOD BLESS YOU 🙏✝️💟 and your daughters do not forget are GOD LOVE YOU and your daughters because one day you going to see your daughter in heaven and your husband too So get prepared because one day God will come and pick up all of us this 🌍🔜
    So get close to God 🙏✝️💟 I love you all ❣️💖💖💖💕🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🛫✈️🎆💫💫💫💫🌟⭐🌠

  4. Your Dad and sister Gigi are both smiling and so proud of you…Congratulations Natalia! You made it through the sad phase of family life…🎉🎈🍾🎊

  5. CONGRADULATIONS NATALIA!! "18" Honoring your dad, HOF Jacket, Launching Mambacita Apparel (mom/daughter team) Prom🌹 Senior Graduate🎓 Campassion Award USC IMG Models CEO. Supportive daughter, GREAT loving big sister⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘ Your parents are elated, proud😁😁of your accomplishments! Your siblings says, "GO Nani" we, Gigi❤😍BB❤😍Koko love you❤😍 Have faith, listen to your "best" friend mom, pray to get your messages to dad and Gigi, your guardian angels will guide you🕊🕊🦋 Philippians 4:13; ".You can do ANYTHING through God who gives you strenght."

  6. congratulations congratulations you goooooooooo girl you goooooooooooo wow. wow weeeeeeeerrr we are so proud of you girl know we start modeling and play volley ball we take care if ny babies let BB and Ko Ko run you crazy ok lol you again congratulations Vanessa job well done

  7. God blessed you and god loves you ms.natalia congratulations you look pretty like momy daddy is sooo proud of you and momy from trina jamaica queens ny

  8. Congratulations Natalia Bryant I am so happy for you 💗💗💗 I wish you all the best in life ❤️❤️❤️ good luck Natalia much love always 💞💞💞💞💞 daddy and GiGi are so proud of you

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