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Guest Host Anthony Anderson on Bezos’ Space Trip, Tom Brady’s Trump Shade & Finding His Mama Love

Guest host Anthony Anderson talks about Jeff Bezos rocketing into Space, the crazy cowboy hat he was wearing, his spaceship resembling a penis, a monkey in India breaking into a liquor store and stealing a bottle of Kahlua, President Joe Biden celebrating six months in office, the Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers visiting the White House, Tom Brady’s jokes there including some Trump shade, and we go out to Hollywood Blvd so Anthony can help his Mama Doris find love in a new game called “Match My Mama.”

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44 comments on “Guest Host Anthony Anderson on Bezos’ Space Trip, Tom Brady’s Trump Shade & Finding His Mama Love

  1. He’s funny! His jokes are not corny like some of the other successful black comedians that are excepted by Hollywood. Wayne Brady, Arsenio Hall, etc.

  2. He should have his own late night show 😳 and his mama should be his side kick 😉 we need another Arsenio Hall type but better show 😘😁

  3. Give bezos a break it’s not his fault he did well like he says it’s us who paid him lol. But come on bro pay taxes if they don’t ask just give uncle Ben some anyway he’s prideful but he needs some for those bridges

  4. Let me understand this guy spent billions on a space ship that was fully automatic .
    It didn't even really reach space real space stayed there for 11 minutes then come back down not before putting tons of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere..
    Then he thank all the amerzon employees which he pays crap money .
    And tipped 2 guys Involved in the space launch 100 million each .
    He pays no tax through some stupid tax loop hole in America .
    What a great man this dickhead is

  5. I have to admit I've been avoiding this channel ever since the guest
    hosts came on but Anthony Anderson has been the best one so far
    from what I've seen.

  6. Greetings from India..!! DEar brother Anderson, you and Wanda Sykes are the only ones who have kept the hosting-quality on Jimmy's behalf….. BRAVO!

  7. Hey Jeff bezos, maybe you should pay your staff more and give them more time off and stop worrying about how big your space stick is. JS.
    Your statement about thank you for all your customers and all your employees paying for it was really insensitive and dickish.

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