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17 comments on “Grothman's Black Lives Matter comments during COVID-19 relief bill debate provoke backlash

  1. It’s on the BLM website! He clearly stated fact that’s on their agenda or plan for their version of America! Y’all are disgusting! This man now probably has armed thugs outside his house due to the reckless behavior from you fascist democrats! I hope to god your power is stripped from you all come 2022 and 2024 because it’s only being abused and used to demonize more then half of this country! For example. The Alt-Left made funds available to ONLY US “Minority” Farmers instead of making it Available to ALL farmer’s, aka white one’s as well. Y’all are a national disgrace, and meanwhile y’all say you’re the party of woman/equality even though we already had equality for all under the law. You’re recalling for equality of outcome! Two different things if you were to take the time and look into the fascists that you all select to rule over our lives! When was the last time you seen a socialist/democrat give a speech and call for every race to be free and to deregulate the government and give the power back to US, WE THE PEOPLE? I’ll wait!!!!!

  2. Glenn Grothmann is so safely gerrymandered into his comfy seat he can say anything he wants. Voter suppression and political courts make Conservative Power practically beyond voter choice at this point. The USA already lost despite the Biden victory due to judicial bias and McConnell judges.

  3. Our government sucking off BLM and sending money overseas while Americans get less than 5% of 1.9 trillion dollars, y'all people gotta wake up and realize they ain't doin this to help you

  4. This ReTrumplican from Wisconsin brought up BLM and related them to our last election when BLM had nothing to do with the 2020 election bc its a police brutality organization so he should have never brought up BLM on the House floor when discussing a trillion dollars Covid-19 Relief Plan and families!
    What he really wanted to say is that, "The strength that Blk People had in this last election blah blah blah"
    NOT the strength that BLM had in this last election because BLM an organization that fights against police brutality and police misconduct, its not a political group or a Voters outreach organization to get blk folks to the polls to vote, so him dragging BLM onto the House floor and referencing them with the last election made absolutely NO sense!!

    What he really wanted to say was "Blk people" or the Blk community dont value families, and blk community heavily voted for Joe Biden in this last election over Trump, thats what he really wanted to say but unfortunately, he couldn't say that so he used BLM instead which is the new code word that the Racists and/or MAGA ReTrumplicans are now using when they don't wanna say blk people. Instead of saying the bllk communities or bllk people, they just say BLM instead to describe all blk folks!

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