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Gravitas: Does Plasma Therapy really work?

Does Plasma Therapy really work? 18 experts wrote a letter to India’s Principal Scientific saying the therapy has “no benefit”. An ICMR backed study says the therapy is “not beneficial”. Why are doctors then prescribing it? Palki Sharma brings you an assessment.

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22 comments on “Gravitas: Does Plasma Therapy really work?

  1. Try using Homeo medicine.
    The medicines that are given to those patients to treat "Inflammation", have shown great results.
    Moreover, if a person's ph level in the blood can be reduced (make it more alkaline than acidic), then the person will be quite less prone to diseases.

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    The Budget is an interesting exercise, too, it enables the manager to set up a target to shoot at , and provides him with a gauge for measuring the accuracy of his shot . It is a test of his managerial ability to make things happen in accordance with a plan.

  3. sounds like big pharma trying to stop people from finding a cheaper alternative if you ask me, who stands to gain the most if this is believed not to to work the vaccine makers ofc.

  4. Plasma therapy is actually good and working in so many people. The only reason you see negative news and research about this process is because pharma companies don't get profit from this!! Since they don't get profit from this so this process is being pulled down!!

  5. Why not cover the scientific evidence and positive studies about ivermectin by the FLCCC Alliance, their protocol is now followed by many countries. Covid patients are getting cured!

  6. Well Wion , 🙏🏻Ayurveda is treating in a much better way and plz show it on ur channel. It ll save livess and This is a possibility for Ayurveda to become d global pharma in d world

  7. No benefit? Can you absolutely know there is no benefit? The power of belief within medical settings can be quite potent, and some people feel better knowing they've done something (even if what they've done is of questionable efficacy. It may not be a cure for covid, but it may be the opposite of covid.

  8. and btw….the dude who wrote that letter was recently retired from india's health council in the middle of the pandemic he was supposed to be addressing…i'm not saying he's wrong about everything, i'm just saying if he was right about everything chances are he would still be there. India has millions of doctors. i am not watching your show anymore, you are spreading misinformation during a pandemic.

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