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Ghost Of Tsushima SEQUEL Coming 2021

An “expandalone” release compared to Spider-Man: Miles Morales is on the cards. #ghostoftsushima #ps5 #stateofplay

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47 comments on “Ghost Of Tsushima SEQUEL Coming 2021

  1. I highly doubt it is a sequel and more of a Expandalone, kind of like Spider-Man: Miles Morales.
    Maybe we get to play as Jin Sakai again, or maybe play as Yuna. Or maybe the entire things is a co-op experience where you and a friend can play as Jin and Yuna.
    Either way, more Ghost of Tsushima is more than welcome.

  2. Ghost of Tsushima, Days Gone and Red Dead 2 are my favorite games of all time! I wish there were more open world games as fun as these. Only 3 is not enough!

  3. Best single player game I’ve ever played, absolutely gorgeous game and I love samurai and all so much so it makes this game so much better for me and combat was great

  4. How would you guys feel if they need another Ghost of Tsushima game but it was from the POV of the uncle from the first game. To see what view he saw in Jin. Thoughts? Anyone?

  5. HELL YESSSSSSS I NEED A SEQUEL TO GHOST OF TSUSHIMA!!!!! Good god it’s still one of the most FUCKING GORGEOUS games EVER! Speaking of Spider-Man Miles Morales, while it’s a great game and I love it the length is my only gripe with it. I feel like it should have been a TINY BIT LONGER

  6. One of the most basic over rated games to ever come out, you had to be 9 years old or have never any other open world game in order to be wowed by this copy paste AC game.

  7. So ready for the sequel, just finished new game+ and platinumed the first playthrough, one of the best games I've ever played.👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  8. If such a rumor is true there needs to be more weapons than just the Katana. Samurai had a full arsenal of weapons at their disposal. Prime example are the kanabo, jutte, kusarigama, & kodachi.

  9. 2 things I want if they release it as a remaster. 120 fps mode, and the big one that instantly get me to buy whatever the most expensive version is. Facial animations done to fit the Japanese voice acting. It bothered me that Japanese was a dub. Killed a lot of immersion for me.

  10. Playing ghost for second time but this time on ps5 . Make me realise how good the ps4 version looked. It's such a intoxicating game and pulls you in. Love it and a sequel would be incredible. Love you guys. You make my evenings with your vids.

  11. I thought I was the only one with their head on fire about Miles Morales (excluding cutscenes and sides content) only being 3 1/2 hours long with a $50 price tag. An absolute travesty!

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