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Ghost of Tsushima Major DLC "LEAK" – New RUMORS and INFO!

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Ghost of Tsushima NEW DLC “LEAKED” – All NEW Rumors and Info (Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut)
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48 comments on “Ghost of Tsushima Major DLC "LEAK" – New RUMORS and INFO!

  1. I'm waiting about a year, then I'll buy this expansion on sale. SONY can't justify that $30 price tag to me after I initially pre-ordered a deluxe version of the game when it was initially released.

    P.S. I love this game and I appreciate the free Legends upgrade from last year but I guess I'm not that hyped to play it yet… so yea, I can wait till it's on sale.

  2. Well you have solid points but I found you very skeptical when you said “some one who plays countless hours of the game would know the name of the map” like no…..
    I play on lethal plus I’ve beaten the game and done flawless fights and duels and done all the raids and I still don’t know the name 😂 but yeah I hear you on some points but if they really have a old school ninja shinobi outfit omg imma flip my wig lol

  3. THANK YOU! I read that opening and was like "yeah this is bullshit" unless they added all that info and it's about a co worker OP doesn't like or something like that.

  4. No one is as smart as you don’t forget that you know it all I personally think he’s messing with your head because you’re the smartest guy on the Internet because you did everything right I read that on the Internet smart guy

  5. If this is really true (though I doubt it is), 15-20 hours of gameplay for a QA tester will be very different than 15-20 hours of gameplay for a regular player. A QA tester would have to test a lot of different things that a regular player may or may not do.

  6. We should have had to pay for the legends content of this game, that expansion was incredible to do for free. I think paying £20 in support of suckerpunch for all that they gave us and their hard work is well worth it. And they used money to rebuild a shrine on the real Tsushima Island too.

  7. I would really love to see a iaijutsu stance in ghost of Tsushima. that's where you pull the sword out of the sheathe and cut at the same time, then put it back in the sheath really fast so that you can do it again. It's really cool, and I wish they would add it. Right now the only iai move you can do is if you hit square while you aren't sprinting or dodging.

  8. When I was wanting a assassin creed game we got vallahala which to me was not like the original , then we got ghost and that made me so happy best part of the year for me

  9. Alright so I’m pretty confused. I want to buy ghost of Tsushima but there is only the directors cut version. Does that give me the base game or just the dlc and it says pre order so does that mean if I buy it I’ll have to wait to play ghost of Tsushima

  10. It's not hard to justify a big quality expansion costing 29 dollars…. We need to stop feeling so entitled all the time

  11. They should add randoms duelist everywhere in the game. And also a Last Standoff during the duel when you're at 0 health or the enemy is at low health. Walking around you and making faint step or just a normal one.

  12. Can’t wait for this! And anyone complaining about pricing go play AC Valhalla and spend $10 on an outfit and even more for their DLC. Oh wait, it’s called a “season pass“ never mind, it’s different

  13. Agreed. Unless this guy is THAT big brained and gave some false info about himself. Some of this COULD be real, but the info they gave is pretty vague. The new stance has got me skeptical.

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