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Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut UPDATE – File Size Revealed + Awesome Free Content is Back!

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30 comments on “Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut UPDATE – File Size Revealed + Awesome Free Content is Back!

  1. Literally Just about to pay for my preorder which will cost £15.99 PS4 add on.. also been playing ng+ after not playing the game for almost a year and it looks and feels fucking amazing, even on a base vanilla PS4… absolutely amazing!

  2. I don't believe the original Ghost of Tsushima used the kraken compression technology, The director's cut surely uses kraken so the file size difference contains much more content than you would assume.

  3. Just buy a storage device, mine cost like $200 I don't remember cuz I've had it for a while, but it'll give you like 3.5 terobites or however it is spelt

  4. Let me guess, Covid is keeping SONY from unlocking the Extended storage feature
    on PS5😑
    Covid has got to be the worst thing happened to Human nature.

  5. So cross why didn't you just move demon souls to an external drive? You don't have to delete it cuz you can move ps5 games to an external drive now which allows you to always have free space on ps5. I have to do that all the time with them giving free games and me buying new ones 🙂👍 just a thought.

  6. I went from PS4 to PS5 and just moved my 5tb ext HDD from PS4 to PS5 and it just worked. I haven't had storage issues yet and have most of the AAA titles for PS5 and a lot from PS4.

  7. I loved Ghost of Tsushima. Thoroughly enjoyed getting the Platinum however, I do not feel like I need to play this game again. I'm really disappointed that they didn't release a Lost legacy style standalone.

  8. Idk how to feel about this, Psychonauts 2 was announced way before Microsoft acquired Double Fine, they should've kept the PS version of the game as powerful as Xbox… I would accept it if the game was announced after the acquisition. It's like Deathloop would suddenly be canceled on PS5 just because Arkane Studios was bought out by Microsoft aswell, after the game was announced.

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