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24 comments on “Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut – Is It OVERPRICED?

  1. I've thought about this a bit more, if Sony was hellbent to get that $30 of value from people, they should've just made the PS5 upgrade free and make the expansion $25 on both platforms, would've made things less complicated and accomplishes the same thing. As it is it's kind of a convoluted mess. Thoughts?

  2. Just saw pre orders are out and the only option I have is to upgrade my ps4 disk version to ps4 director's cut for 26$ wasn't there supposed to have a option to get a ps5 add on without having to spend another 90$
    This all feels complicated and one big money grab wish they just gave us the ps5 add on and sell the dlc like xbox does for all their upgrades.

  3. It is NOT cheaper and let me explain why.

    I bought this game day one. That is 60,- dollars. Here in the netherlands its 60,- euro. That means i payed 71 dollars.

    Now if i want to buy the expansion it costs me 30 euro. Which is around 35 dollars.

    Which means i bought this game for 106 dollars in total.

    There where some one else who didnt play this yet can buy the directors cut for 60 dollars on ps4 and the ps5 version for 70 dollars.

    Don't get me wrong. I'll still buy it cuz i love this game and i support it. But your math is way off.

  4. As a fan every owner of PS5 of course we want a PS5 version too, sucker punch already gave a free DLC legends, i think is a reasonable price and you can’t expect is always free like the legends.

  5. I think Sucker Punch did a phenomenal job on this game. It's beautiful and extremely smooth. I don't mind giving smaller studios and publishers a little more for their quality and efforts. The opposite of this would be something like EA. They charge $70 for crap and extra for additional content/loot boxes.

  6. SP worked on these extra features plus added a new dlc even though there was no plan for any new content after the FREEEEE legends mode and people wonder why they have to pay for extra work they've put into the game if you don't want/like it simply don't buy it or wait for a sale.

  7. Dude the people are moaning about the upgrade price when it's free for every other game. Anything else is irrelevant, that's what people are moaning about. Also people not happy with this £70 new model.

  8. I mean doesn't it make sense to pay a little more for the PS5 experience, since well you do get extra features, like 4k and pushing for 60 fps, which just isn't happening on PS4

  9. My opinion , I have no problem paying for it, beside they have no micro and gave free multiplayer and other stuff. The people that would waste alot of money on skins, battle pass, micro points or other little stupid things that they would waste alot of money on but 30 for a ton of content and almost a whole game is to much for people get out of here with that and besides this is the same dev gave blood festival from infamous 2 dlc and felt like a whole new game.

  10. It is not over priced! People have complained about all the sony releases since that $69 tag on games was announced, nothing have changed, people are still buying games….this argument about games pricing have been around since genesis vs SNES…get used to it

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