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GET $10,200 UNEMPLOYMENT Automatically Benefits Unemployment Extension PUA $300 FPUC Stimulus Update

GET $10,200 UNEMPLOYMENT Automatically Benefits Unemployment Extension PUA $300 FPUC Stimulus Update

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A recent report from the Department of Labor outlines just how much money has been spent on unemployment benefits in the past year, when millions of Americans leaned on these funds to get through a hectic 2020.

According to the DOL, “from March 21, 2020 to March 13, 2021, the number of applications for pandemic-based unemployment benefits continued to increase, costing the government over $5 trillion.”

In fact, the $5 trillion spent over the past 12 months is nine times more than the amount spent during the Great Recession.

With the new $300 weekly extended enhanced unemployment benefits through September on the way, it’s amazing to see so much fiscal support for struggling Americans being offered to us from the government, who typically take and don’t give.

Meanwhile, a leading financial expert wants President Biden’s next major policy initiative to be a return to full employment, ensuring that working Americans can easily get a job and earn a living across the country.

Mike Konczal, director at the Roosevelt Institute, explained: “The goal should be full employment, but getting back to the labor market that existed in late 2019 is a crucial first step. Anything less will be a missed opportunity.”

He continued: “it’s essential for the White House to think in terms of a very specific number: 9.5 million new jobs. That’s the number needed to return to where we were on the eve of the pandemic.”

Konczal also stated: “Getting to full employment—or at least close to it—shows the essential role that the government plays in providing for economic well-being. The economy doesn’t naturally heal itself.”

He also said: “the economic benefits of a tight labor market alone justify the target.”

This sounds like an ambitious, but achievable goal, and I’d love to see 9.5 million new jobs created and their impact on the US economy in the coming months.

Finally, we’ve been talking a lot about the $10,200 unemployment tax credit over the past week, and now the IRS has issued new guidance that appears to relieve our worries about receiving these vital disaster relief funds.

We’ve been wondering about how the millions of Americans that already filed their taxes will be able to claim these unemployment tax credits, and it looks like the IRS will be handling that automatically.

IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig explained yesterday: “We believe that we will be able to handle this on our own. We believe that we will be able to automatically issue refunds associated with the $10,200.”

He also reiterated: “Do not file an amended return at this time.”

Hopefully the IRS is able to amend the millions of tax returns to include the $10,200 unemployment tax credit, which should put roughly $1000 back in your pocket.

If you still haven’t applied for unemployment assistance, start your weekend off right and apply today.

Visit your state’s PUA or UI website, upload your employment history and identifying documents, and explain that you’ve been out of work due to that thing out there, if that’s the case.

For honestly and truthfully filling out the application, you could receive a backdated unemployment check for over $20,000.

To all of the gig-workers, self employed, independent contractors, 1099 workers, even side hustlers, volunteers and freelancers, you too can claim these incredible government unemployment funds through the PUA.

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  1. Happy Friday Andrew! I started drinking my iced coffees and also some mountain dew woot woot! Haha lol you always be sounding like you've had tons of caffeine before your shows/videos lol

  2. This is great 👍 I just got my question answered I left in an other vid! Thank you 🙏

  3. My funds stopped after 4 weeks and i received supposedly 9800 or thats what my 1099 says but what if thats all that i got. Do i still get the money back?

  4. Simple question here. I need to find a list of which weeks that they paid the extra 300 and 600 so that I can calculate what they owe me. Why is this so impossible to find on Google and YouTube? I am in Nevada btw. VERY FRUSTRATING!

  5. Love yourshow watch it every night this video really made my day Had to wait until I file my taxes just to get my first and second stimulus less than a month later I get my third one in the mail now how hard was that ?!? unemployment have been keeping me above the water thanks to God

  6. Im on unemployment still….lost my business in may. I'd put all i had into it not sure what to do. I w ont make near enough as a single mother working one full time minimum wage job. That was why I started a business just have no idea what to do.

  7. What if you were on unemployment right before the rona hit? Will you still be eligible for it?

  8. Even with the help it's hard with all the funeral coast there ever include deaths from covid-19 in families

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