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36 comments on “Game of Thrones | Official Series Trailer (HBO)

  1. 3:08 Stop using this quote to pretend that you planned to fuck up the ending… It wasn't the final moments that killed season 8. It was season 8 that killed season 8.

  2. Throwback to the cold winter days….You are in your blanket with a little bit snacks and on your laptop you are watching jon snow saying last goodbye to uncle benjin…………….times were really better.

  3. The trailer we all needed . Complete goosebumps by remembering those scenes 🤩🤩🔥🔥🔥

  4. If I can convince my brain the last season never existed maybe I'll watch again in like 10 years

  5. I love it. Ramin Djawadi's music, The awesome cinematography and cool dialogues are all extremely good!! Too bad the story didn't ended so well…

  6. This trailer is totally shit like season 8..I stunned not a single picture of robb stark.. Damn

  7. Look likes a good show. I hope they make 8 seasons of this. I bet the final season would be amazing.

  8. HBO Remake this season. Make this show great again.

    Do what Justice leauge did & the fans will imortalise you.

    Valar Morghulis! But let the show live forever.

  9. If only you could redo season 8 and if the final boss would be the night king like he was supposed to 😑

  10. Man im having a hard time watching other shows , no show comes close to game of thrones

  11. This is the worst and thousand times worst series of the world (behuda or fehesh) May Allah save Muslims from these dirty series

  12. I go back in time and rewrite season 8.
    Me: If you think this has a happy ending….

    You're Goddamn right it does!

  13. Hello! Been hearing the GOT for a long time and finally, I've decided to start watching it.

    I'll come back here after I watch all the seasons. Gambate!

  14. The ending dosen't necessary have to be happy , but it needed to be good. D&D fucked up.
    All the build up and hype about the Night king , army of the dead and winter are for nothing

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