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FS2020 Middle East Adventure – Leg 4 Hatay LTDA Beirut OLBA TBM930

Welcome to Leg 4 of the Bad Old Buzzard’s Middle East Adventure

I want to thank and credit TwoToneMurphy for the inspiration provided in his ten hour Middle East Tour multiplayer flight.

The Middle East Adventure is an 8-video series that visits the same 9 middle east cities. But, there are some significant differences:

1. All weather at flight time is Live weather
2. Each leg is flown with a different aircraft.
3. Seven of the legs are with General Aviation aircraft, one is with military aircraft.
4. Each leg is flown at a different time of day (early morning, late afternoon, midday, nighttime, mid-afternoon, mid-morning…..etc.)
5. The total viewing time of the 8 videos is 3 hours and 44 minutes.
6. Each video includes the takeoff and landing as well as many minutes of low altitude drone camera footage of the area below.
7. After landing, the drone camera is sent up to provide a 360-degree view from above the airport.
8. Different genres of music are used in each video to help set the tone. Examples are Adventure, Suspense, Mystery, Drama, Action, Smooth Jazz, Traditional Blues.

Then a new leg will be premiered each day at 1800 UTC until all 8 legs are posted.Welcome to Leg 4 of the Bad Old Buzzard’s Middle East Adventure


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