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Fox Hosts Discuss Banning Childless Liberals From Voting

Fox News hosts over the weekend decided to have a discussion about an idiotic comment made by a Trump-supporting Senate candidate named J.D. Vance. The Fox hosts were actually considering whether or not people who have children should get MORE votes than people without children, building off a comment made by Vance on social media where he attacked “Childless Libs.” The fact is that Republicans are the ones who are ruining the future for children, not the Progressive Democrats they love to demonize. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.  

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The folks at Fox news this past weekend decided to take an idiotic talking point from a conservative author slash Senate candidate and make it into an entire segment. Now, the author slash Senate candidate is a man by the name of JD Vance, you know, rose to prominence writing the book, Hillbilly Elegy, then turned into a hardcore Trumpist. And he said recently at a conference and then followed up again on Twitter with it that, here it is, let’s give votes to all children in this country, but let’s give control over those votes to the parents of the children. And Fox news, the weekend Fox and Friends hosts who are even dumber than the regular weekday Fox and Friends hosts, decided, you know what, that’s a good idea. Let’s talk about that. So you had Will Cain from Fox and Friends say this on the weekend. I think it’s an interesting idea. I’m into interesting ideas. Let’s think about it. Let’s talk about it. He’s saying childless leaders are making decisions that are short-term in mind, not focused on the long-term future health of this country, because they don’t have a stake in the game. Parents have a stake in the game. They have children. So give parents a bigger say. And then, cohost Rachel Campos-Duffy said, I agree with him 100% that they don’t have a stake in the game.

Pete Hegseth the third co-host said this. He said, that is looking at it through the lens of the actual solution, which is the family unit. So many ills that we have in our society stem from that breakdown. I agree With you. It’s not a feasible policy, but what is, what it is in principle is a reflection of the fact that what Ronald Reagan said, freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. And the two people they specifically mentioned in this segment, by the way, as not having kids, of course, AOC representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and transportation secretary, Pete Buttigieg. Yeah, those people don’t have kids. So y’all, don’t get to make any decisions about the future of the country. And what’s ironic about that is these are actually two politicians who, who are looking to the future. I mean, green new deal and all that, protecting the environment, creating a new energy infrastructure here in the United States. You’re going to sit there and tell me that that’s not looking into the future when you have old aging politicians like Senator Jim Inhofe on the Republican side, who’s actually been attacked by his own grandchildren for not doing enough to protect the planet for them, for downplaying the climate crisis and denying it even exists.

Oh, I’m sorry, did I just ruin your talking point? Having kids or not having kids has absolutely zero effect on what these politicians in Washington, DC support. Hell, it has zero effect on what most Americans support. When you have conservative voters out there who have 2, 3, 4, I don’t care how many kids, but are still voting for politicians who deny that climate change exists, they’re the ones not thinking about the future. You could have a 40 year old single guy who has no intention of ever having kids, but will only vote for hardcore environmentalist who want to protect the planet. You can’t pigeonhole somebody as a voter just because they have children.


21 comments on “Fox Hosts Discuss Banning Childless Liberals From Voting

  1. Your points are why I had to enact a "NO POLITICS" rule with a few of my friends, I'm a 40+ White Male "LIBTARD" with a shaved head and a long beard and that's despite being a BBB (Big Bad Biker). I've argued the talking points to death, but if they're not open to even listening then the cycle of shit just continues.

  2. They do not have the right to dictate or decide who the f%ck is allowed to vote or not and everyone who is a citizen is fu%king entitled to vote f%ck that bs about parents only this is stupidity in action. F%ck Ronald Regan he sucked as a president and did not do the country any damn favors. These people do not really give a f%ck about children by undoing education and the clean air and clean water acts among many other things. By dumbing down generation by lack of an actual education it hurts our country's future because they will have a much harder job market that the livable wage jobs they do not have the skills to be able to get those jobs since they are not educated enough thanks to all the bs going on in education. That does not bode well for the future of our country at all.

  3. Why would a person want any human being no to vote & and take part in democracy that exist in America that all colors of human beings sacrifice there life for us to vote. My grandfather died in world War 2 for all races, he did not say he only fighting for black people to vote but all people to vote…..white people are going to allow all our family members who committed the ultimate sacrifice for all of us to be free and able to pick our elected officials who are supposed to push government to make the people lives better from the tax dollars we pay each year for these elected officials paychecks, but they are selling us all out for their own self greed , we can't keep fighting each other while these elected officials are robbing us all taxpayers blind ….Wake up people you don't want to live under rules of a dictatorship. Stop following these corporations puppets, we are the one to save our democracy by taking corporation division out our election, by these people playing us against each other, when we all want the same terms of freedom with the right to live a good life, not by laws to hinder a man or woman working wage , not working for 6 dollars a hour while a white man make 23 dollars doing the same job. Thats how corporations play us against each other, because you sell out another worker for your pay when you know the other worker is getting rob. That's why they tell you when you get hired don't tell no one your pay rate, now you keeping a secret from those you work with for the boss. You a piece of shit……now you telling on your coworkers when they come back 5 mins late for lunch 🙄 😒 to the boss .

  4. Some of us cannot believe you still in the are lying no dignity no scruples but the worse person you can bvb e to score with scum you cater too. You people make us sick I feel bad for the type of things you're teaching you're young kids for some I know is to late just look at Dooce son following the lies every day because integrety is not part of their DNA

  5. So fox thinks they go and someone out that have mo children they have a say well this segment makes you ignorant because you do have children the notion that you know better than some one that doesnt really put in a worse light than you realize trying to make OAC look bad you m.j ade yourself look stupid because people with children would appreciate the afford that being made by others by look at in the eyes of ignorance how many times I seen fox make an ass out of them self and think people are stupid

  6. Think about that, though, if they actually succeeded at banning childless liberals from voting, then MILLIONS of 18-whatever age people who do not yet have any children, would not be allowed to vote!

  7. Hahaha….I just LOVE how, with so many close elections between Republicans and Democrats, nationwide, it wouldn't take very many Covid deaths among Republican voters to swing otherwise red locales toward victories for the Democratic candidates! So, please STOP persuading Republicans to get vaccinated!

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