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Fourth Stimulus Check Update May 28 (MOMENTUM & NEW MONEY)


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In this video I’ll talk to you about the third stimulus check and the third stimulus bill providing you with the latest details about the third stimulus check payments that was included in the third stimulus pacakge that passed in March 202. This is the largest bill after the CARES Act and the 900 billion dollar stimulus package that passed in December. We’ve been in this pandemic for a year now and congress is already working on the fourth and fifth stimulus packages that are for infrastructure. There will be a 2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill which is the American Jobs Plan. President Biden also already unvailed the fifth stimulus package named the American Families Plan which will focus on investing in education, child care and paid familt leave. This is dubbed as the social infrastructure stimulus package. The Democarts already used the budget reconciliation method to pass the 1.9 trillion dollar American Rescue Plan and they will most likely use it again to pass the American Jobs Plan and the American Families Plan. As of now there is no mention of a fourth stimulus check or a stimulus check 4 but it may still get added in the future during negotiations.

We also covered things like the PPP loan (Paycheck Protection Program) as well as the EIDL Loan (Economic Injury Disaster Loans) from the small business administration (SBA).

I put a lot of research in these videos and I hope you enjoy this stimulus update. And I try to answer as many questions as possible about the third stimulus package and the third stimulus check as well as the fourth stimulus check and fourth stimulus package.

So make sure to subscribe and let’s see of there will be more stimulus packages and stimulus checks. Maybe we’ll actually get a fourth stimulus package and a stimulus check 4.

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49 comments on “Fourth Stimulus Check Update May 28 (MOMENTUM & NEW MONEY)

  1. Giving you the best information out there
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  2. Why don't we sent people to go back to work people can't rely on this free government money have anybody thought who's going to have to pay for the stimulus money dumbo is giving away WE ARE our children childrens are and Biden is a lier wishy washy

  3. Everything keeps going up higher except for the pay! How can people survive that? Especially those whom have children to raise! Instead of taking in more people- across the border, how about stop dropping the American people who deserve the help snd respect from their own country? Then look at our own citizens like their crazy because they get put behind outsiders! Like that famous line in that movie- ( we want OUR COUNTRY to LOVE US like WE LOVE IT)

  4. these false misleading videos of 4th stimulus check getting people hopes up need to STOP !!!.. there is no 4th stimulus and its been said its very unlikely there be a 4th stimulus so where you all are getting this false info would be nice cuz every time ive googled about it everything ive read said that it is unlikely that a 4th stimulus will happen!!

  5. I hope there's no more stimulus checks our grandchildren are going to pay for this. And it makes no sense. All the previous stimulus checks were given to people that made too much money nobody should have received a stimulus check that made more than the average income of an American citizen which is around $40,000 a year. Why were we giving stimulus check two people that were working that were making $75,000 or more a year makes absolutely no sense. Give the money to people that don't have that kind of an income and give them a little better life for a short. Of time

  6. This is so crazy they need yo figure something out because the people that are on disability and that really are unable yo find work shouldnt be punished . This shit is ridiculous why is it that the one who really need it most are always the last to get it.

  7. Yes, you are right. Those of us on SSI & SSD…It does feel like we were slapped in the face. All the prices have gone up. Rent has gone up, a lot, in Idaho. Before the pandemic rent for a one bedroom was apx. $650-$750. A two bedroom $750-$850. They are building tons of new apartments. If you want to move, for both, one & two bedrooms, it is between $1200-$1900. I am on section 8. They are not making adjustments so we can find affordable apartments etc.
    It feels like every one just got greedy. People move to Idaho because it is beautiful. & the cost of living was so much lower than other states. Now, the only store that hasn't raised their prices is the dollar tree. It is very frustrating.

  8. It was a $20 dollar raise, but they take it for premiums and we dont even see it. Its not raise for use its a raise for the premiums there pocketing probably.

  9. I have a question. Now for people on ssi ssdi and so on, and that have no dependents and aren't required to file taxes Can they file a 2020 tax return and will they be eligible for that monthly payment?. Or is it just for single and couples that have dependents? I am on ssdi and have no dependants and dont need to file, could I file and be eligible. Just curious.

  10. Ill not worry about that Biden and Harris is not doing anything for the American people all of them no that the people need another s check but they don't give a damn they are full of bull shit that's is why ill didn't vote for them because ill no that's was going to be abused of life that why ill vote for trump because he is a man to his words

  11. What you need to tell us what day are we going to see the fourth Similars check I would like to know cause I need the money because it’s mine I earned it

  12. There's nothing new about any of it all the same just talk not signed in to law all these videos to tell every one the same thing how many videos u guys have that all say same thing everyday and still not signed into law buy the president we learned that a year ago

  13. Thank you as always Rami … I personally think that people on SS , SSD need the help most DO NOT receive food stamps as people SSI do. SS and SSD do not qualify for food stamps. I two heard about the extra $200.00 per month for SS I didnt hear anything specific about SSI or SSD. I think just setting a set amount of money for food stamps for SS-SSD as it is with SSI would make a huge difference for so so many people. Every last bit of money from these checks are going to bills because people were and are more than ever being forced to live on CC. no one should have to qualify for food stamps if on SS or SSD. Not everyone has other pensions and so what if they do – $100.00 a month can help so many people… I'm sorry for rambling I just get twisted when I know damn well people are refusing to work because they are collecting so much money from the government and now they are going to get even more cash money monthly because they have children on top of the food stamps + the extra and yet they can't get their asses to work. Not right – I mean no harm or offense to anyone, I know the struggle is real for so so many families. I pray for all of us … 🙏🏼

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