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34 comments on “Florida residents sue DeSantis, DEO after losing weekly $300 federal unemployment benefits

  1. Yeah, everybody is, they’re satisfied living at home getting more money from unemployment…. There are jobs to pay you to work. FL is your state; The government help has to stop; I mean you don’t want government in your lives.

  2. It's not about getting a job. It's the way they did it, and continue to do it. They just cut people off with no notice whatsoever in my experience. Do not respond back either, whether through email or through a phone or no type of noticed through postal mail. You cannot get through whatsoever. It's ridiculous. They act like little cowards. Very unprofessional. The way of professionality is gone straight down the toilet.

  3. In the old days, it was embarrassing to be on unemployment. People found a job ASAP as a matter of pride. Now people choose unemployment as a way of life. If the economy crashes because businesses can't find workers, there will be no jobs or money for anyone.

  4. They are so full of crap! There are tons of jobs out there. So sorry they are not good enough for you. But I am sick of my tax dollars going to your lazy pocket!

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  7. There are jobs galore out there paying more than $300 a week. Go get a job. Get off the taxpayer dole. Attorney, what does he get out of this. Pro Bono work.

  8. So people with no jobs no money are able to hire a lawyer to sue for unemployment. Low paying job for unskilled people what do you expect. Educate yourself with a trade or college degree for a good job plane and simple. No One is going to give you something for nothing.

  9. I am sure she would make more at a job than those $300 she says she needs. Beggars can't be choosers! She should thank God she gets help from the federal government, in 3rd world countries she wouldn't get anything! You need to survive any way you can!

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