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Dynamic Duo! NBA 2K21 Kobe Bryant My Career

The best duo in the league.

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Kobe Bryant Career Playlist:

SlimMamba Career Playlist:

LaMelo Ball Next Gen Career Playlist:

Tyler Herro Career Playlist:

Tacko Fall Jr. Career Playlist:

Alex Caruso Career Playlist:

Muggsy Bogues Career Playlist:

Bol Bol Career Playlist:

FlightReacts Career Playlist:

Bronny James Career Playlist:

LaMelo Ball Career Playlist:

Tacko Fall Career Playlist:

Isaac Bonga Career Playlist:

Tracy McGrady Career Playlist:

Ja Morant Career Playlist:

D-Rose Career Playlist:

Zion Williamson Career Playlist:

LeBron James Career Playlist:

Trae Young Career Playlist:

Lonzo Ball Career Playlist:

Instrumental produced by Chuki.

Just a dude who enjoys playing 2K. Favorite NBA team is the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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48 comments on “Dynamic Duo! NBA 2K21 Kobe Bryant My Career

  1. Slim did u know that in my league u can get ur teammates to shoot if u pass and hit the shoot button just a tip love the vids bro

  2. After the Kobe Bryant can you do coby white my career he got a lot of potential 💙

  3. How is BJ Armstrong at such a low overall? Did he regress or something because of age?

  4. Shaqs takeover is defensive takeover so why exactly would it suprise you that he missed with his takeover on?

  5. You have to do a 81 point episode in the 05-06 season and a 60 finale episode on your last game at least try

  6. Slim, you should try going for the assist record while staying under 3 TO, that would be impressive!

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