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Don't Collide – The Box Marble Race in Algodoo

Welcome to the Box! Choose your marble and watch it compete against the other marbles in this marble race to see who is the best!

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26 comments on “Don't Collide – The Box Marble Race in Algodoo

  1. Ranking of my bets:

    Red: 6th (Killed by Yellow) (Killed Orange and Gray)
    Orange: 11th (Killed by Red)
    Yellow: 4th (Killed by Teal) (Killed Rainbow and Red)
    Green: 9th (Killed by Teal)
    Blue: 5th (Killed by Teal) (Killed Purple)
    Purple: 12th (Killed by Blue)

    It's funny how some of the marbles decided to hide outside of the course.

    4:31 – Apparently, it's okay to collide when both of you are moving.

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