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Dodgers vs. Brewers Game Highlights (4/30/21) | MLB Highlights

Dodgers vs. Brewers full game highlights from 4/30/21

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31 comments on “Dodgers vs. Brewers Game Highlights (4/30/21) | MLB Highlights

  1. If pirates beat you twice then there’s something wrong with your team cardinals are the only team in the central division that can beat the pirates we already have 2 if we win cardinals are better then pirates

  2. Cardinals are the better team because they can beat the pirates and you guys cannot not even the cubs neither can reds you can’t either only cardinals can just wait pirates will beat you guys they can’t beat cardinals doesn’t work on cardinals pirates can’t beat cardinals

  3. I remember when Mlb predicted the dodgers to beat the record for most wins by 10 more wins look at them now struggling and as good as the brewers padres just need to get going and they can dethrone the dodgers as they’re nowhere as good as people are predicting

  4. Dodgers are not in a slump. There rings have got to heavy for them. So they can't win. Know excuse!

  5. As a dodgers fan, I don't take pride in saying it but 3-9 in our last 12 games. We are down astronomically.

  6. It’s hard to believe Lux was the #2 prospect in all of baseball just 2 years ago. He might be the biggest bust in Dodgers history. Dude is just soooooo painfully awful.

  7. Can we get Roberts ejected ….from his job.. The old cliche World Champs more like World Chumps…bottom line right now this team STINKS!😞

  8. I'm not a Dodgers fan but I agree that wasn't a strike, but I'm not surprised Angel Hernandez did that call…

  9. Haha we are one game behind the doyers all that talking for nothing speaking to early doyers #FTD

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