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Dodgers vs. Brewers Game Highlights (4/29/21) | MLB Highlights

Dodgers vs. Brewers full game highlights from 4/29/21

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44 comments on “Dodgers vs. Brewers Game Highlights (4/29/21) | MLB Highlights

  1. By the end of the year Dodgers fans gonna be burining Bauer jerseys, not Kershaw ones like they always do lol

  2. As a Brewers fan, I can't believe that curveball to Omar was a ball. Perfect placement

  3. Every year I say it, "this is Counsell's best job managing yet". And yet, every year, he tops himself. This year's line up is inarguably better than last year's – but with injuries it's basically being held together by Triple A players, veteran cast offs, and negative WAR guys. Think about this – the Crew has a winning record for April, despite almost no playing time from either Yeli or Cain, and essentially no offensive production from Garcia, Urias, or Bradley thus far.

  4. Not blaming it all on Muncy but where is his power? His gazillion walks really don't help us.
    He needs to be driving in runs. Maybe a little lineup reconfiguration is in order.

  5. As a Red Sox fan, its really weird to see JBJ and Mookie playing against each other. Good to see them both doing well though.

  6. I used to like watching Bauer pitch. Now all i see is his fat head and swinging arms.

  7. Urias viene de san diego siempre me gusto para el equipo pero era que el y tatis jr eran la misma posición pero es una estrella

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