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15 comments on “Did The Denver Nuggets Quit In Last Night's Loss To The Suns? | 06/10/21

  1. I agree with Dan Patrick especially in this new era, he’s going to lose this team and his job

  2. The Lakers most certainly quit in games 5 and 6 when it became apparent that just putting gold and purple on LeBron would not win the game for them. The Nuggets just did not play well. I don’t feel they quit.

  3. I actually was impressed the nuggets were still trying all game, albeit unsuccessfully, I felt the lakers players checked out much more in games 5 and 6.

  4. Monty would have owned that they have view the film and try to figure out better plays, he would focus on positivity overall “one game at a time”, and if he had specific critique he would tell each player who needs to hear something one on one. And I’m sure his delivery is more palatable to absorb. That’s a winner mentality.

  5. Eh I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Malone probably said the same stuff to his team not just the media. I don’t think they’re gonna be too sensitive about it

  6. I love DP, but damn it seems like he’s been babying these athletes a lot lately. If a player were to say, “we quit tonight” would Dan be saying the same thing?

    What was Dan’s reaction when James walked off the court before the end of the game recently?

  7. if the lakers were healthy and had the help from the refs giving AD 20+ free throw attempts again.. yea, they may have beat the Suns. But if you call the game like a playoff game, the lakers were fuckin bums. Game 1 called fairly and at a playoff physicality level. but when the refs start blowin their whistle with their pussy lips for AD, yea.. then the Suns may have lost to them. Maybe AD gets hurt so easily cause a light gust of wind can foul him

  8. You media guys complain when coaches and players dont say anything interesting then complain when they do speak out. never happy

  9. Scrubs? Fasho ahaha I’m not a Denver fan at all but y’all trippin they got they ass kicked straight up but they ain’t scrubs now

  10. He does this all the time and he praises them they thru media as well he knows his team relax

  11. The Nuggets players must be sick of Mike Malone. He puts them on blast after every loss, saying that they’re soft, that they quit, etc. That mess gets old.

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