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49 comments on “Details On Kanye West's New Album 'Donda' & Listening Party!

  1. Kanye literally crapped on his community. Tried to create a pathway for Orange felon to get another 4 years. Paraded around and glorified the MAGA hat, the same hat ppl wore who were beating and threatening black ppl. Kanye who just trying to collect y'all coins. He daf about black ppl and don't blame it on mental health.

  2. Politically? Man stick to what y’all know. Anyone who shades him for his political stance I can tell didn’t even take the time to listen to them. It’s the basics of humanity.

  3. I haven't actively listened to Ye in years cuz musically he stopped being relevant for my tastes. Outside of music he ain't been right since his mom died, and of course he's a Rethuglican; he's rich. No one with his kind of money cares about the rest of us…

  4. You cannot be a music enthusiast and apply your bias ness to your musical takes. Keep politics and social issues out of your opinion of music. Kanye is a great artist , bar for bar, beat for beat, visionary to influential. He made bad lazy music before but most of his music seems it was made from passion and thinking outside the box

  5. Kane West is a self absorbed individual with no emotional intelligence , one day he will wake up and realize that the world does not revolve around him….

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