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Delivery!!! Papagaio ep. 3 – Animal Crossing New Horizons

The Papagaio airport is now open!! Which means it’s time for a delivery from my other Animal Crossing New Horizon’s island of Oh-Can-Duh. Now Oh-Can-Duh is the Mama island and Papagaio is the little baby.

Also in this episode we set up the shop plot and the museum… sorry to Blathers… I may have trapped you for quite a while…

This is a brand new island but I also have another island which is Canada Core if you would like to check that out 🙂

Enjoy and see you in the next one!!

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12 comments on “Delivery!!! Papagaio ep. 3 – Animal Crossing New Horizons

  1. Im loving this so far AHHHH 🙂 sadly I don't think I'm good at animal crossing anymore so I haven't played in a few days but im so happy to see this video! Gets me motivated to finish my own island <3 luv u!

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