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Daily Wire Backstage: Defending America… From Itself

What made Kamala finally decide to visit the border? How much progress can Democrats make on their political agenda? Is the leftist takeover of our culture at the point of no return? And did Michael Knowles really write a book with actual words in it?

Join this roundtable discussion featuring Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, and Daily Wire god-king Jeremy Boreing to find out!

Michael Knowles’ new book, Speechless: Controlling Words, Controlling Minds, diagnoses the losing strategy conservatives have taken in the fight against the Left’s assault on liberty, virtue, and Western civilization. Can we find our way back? Order your copy here:

Don’t miss our newest addition to our entertainment library: Created Equal: Clarence Thomas In His Own Words. This documentary features rarely-heard personal commentary from Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as it chronicles his rise from the segregated south, to a vicious confirmation battle, and finally to become the second black American ever appointed to the Supreme Court. Watch on demand as a Daily Wire member – join now for 20% off with code JUSTICE:


32 comments on “Daily Wire Backstage: Defending America… From Itself

  1. @ The Daily Wire… Remember The Title of an Entity known as Satan?
    There is such… Both a Rebel against our Creator and with our many times " Unwitting" assistance can REALLY screw up this World of which we play the biggest part.

  2. All of you are grifters and none of you hold any paleo conservative ideas. You don't care about the browning of America huh Ben. Well I do because I'm not a millionaire I have to live here and this country went from a place I grew up in the 80's to a violent dump so your donors can have cheap labor. While you destroy with facts and logic but you won't have these conversations with any serious person.

    You tout yourself as a free speech warrior but we all know what topics are off the table. Sickening that people like you run the American right wing.

  3. Capitalism is turning into neo feudalism right before your eyes. If you don't believe me here are some examples that you have probably noticed by now as a right wing person but can't explain.
    Hyper free markets is a relatively new concept in America. It was brought about by 3 cia agents William f Buckley and two others in the 60's. The national review was a steaming pile of subversive crap its primary function was to remove paleo conservatism in the right wing political dialectic and replace it with libertarian style free-market hyper capitalism. What once worked in the United States was then changed to something that has destroyed this country from with in. Milton freedman economics and free market capitalism has destroyed the moral center of this country and allowed the merchant class to do everything from outsource your jobs over seas to the endless wave of replacement migration so they can have cheap labor and a easily controlled, low iq, low political agency voting crop. This is what hyper capitalism has brought about. It has allowed policy to be crafted that lower taxes but, import 85 million people since 1970 and that's just the legal immigration. It has replaced the moral, nationalist, reactionary mindset of the American right with an economic one. As a result rootless transnational globalist now make your policies for you based on a free-market with zero care for the quality of life in America only their bottom line. We are the descendents of the founding stock and the mainstream media is gloating about how they want to replace us in our own country. Articles are published by zio-nist every month in medical journals newspapers, online and comments are made by elected officials that talk about k illi ng us, having our women miscegenate to breed us out of existence, or my favorite and one that has become a meme at this point replacing us completely. There is a major racial component to all of this. I know a lot of normal folk don't like to mention that but the dissident right wing has been saying this for years and we have been labeled conspiracy theorist. Turns out we where right they really do hate you lol and now you can turn on any number of leftist news outlets and they rub it in your face now. These same groups have institutional support. What's rhe right wings response to all of this anti Whyte hate? Critical race theory, calling democrats the real waycist the entire response is weak and impoverished.

    The Republicans we have today are not even remotely close to nationalist, or conservative socially, economically or isolationist on immigration they are toothless and ineffective and to be frank controlled opposition. Not a single conservative has even said if all these other races are allowed to form their own caucuses and legislate for their racial interest why can't whytes? These are answers that the current republican field has zero answers to and these are the problems that are precisely responsible for the mess we see in America and the west at large. Welcome to the mind of an average dissident right wing American nationalist in 2021

  4. America is on the brink of destruction thanks to a combination of private investment banks buying up and selling out our infrastructure, and Israeli theft of American technology (tech that Israel then sells to Russia and China) Let's hear Benny boy talk about that……. BLM, trans-fluid bs, CRT, statues, it's ALL a distraction from bankers and 'our greatest ally'

  5. It's obvious why they are trying to destroy femininity, the left wants to replace mothers with the state. They want to influence and raise the children, instead of the mother doing this.

  6. Great discussion but as students and pundits of American history I am surprised that they don’t know the years of baby boomers and where the name came from. The boomer years did not start in 1942 which was during WW2 but rather in 1946 which is the post WW2 baby boom which then lasted until 1964 as after that the birth control pill resulted in a baby bust (Gen X) so no, Michael, Obama is not a Gen Xer.

  7. I mean I like listening to Micheal knowles but good lord I hope he never never never writes a book again. You can’t help but think all of them are like Micheal, shut up already with the book, great that you wrote a second book, not so great when you need to talk about your book every single time you get time to talk. Again enjoy listening to you and some of your points but take it easy. Like you wrote speechless just for the point to mention guys guys those people are talking, they must have read my book speechless because talk equals speech equals speechless! Haha get it guys?? And Ben is like ugh shut up.

  8. I'd prefer if Ben spared me these ridiculous tropes of magical women and useless men! We've seen this now for decades in the culture, from tv shows to movies, etc. This too is a product of feminism. Women are magical and only they can have children? Ok, let's see women having children by themselves without fertilization from a male.

  9. This reminds me of the Handmaid’s Tale how the commanders banned fun things like the occasional drink or cigar and then would sneak around and do it in private while everyone else went without lmao

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