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43 comments on “Covid update: PM Modi speaks to Putin; 3,000 missing patients; SII reduces price

  1. first free vaccination to years 18-44 was announced in andhra pradesh by peoples leader YSJAGAN SIR.

  2. China and Russia Both Communist State , Leaders such as Putin and Xi Jing Ping are Enemies of Democratic State , Modi is following their Footsteps with his Fake Hindutva ideogy which is equivalent to Nazism and Communism 🙄

  3. Modi is the symbols of arrogance A chest-thumping central leadership of the government of India, a leadership that dismissed warnings of the coming Covid tsunami from experts, based on scientific research and concrete data, a leadership mesmerised by its own self-serving propaganda of being the vishwa guru who would save the world, a leadership which led the way in breaking every single rule of Covid-appropriate behavior and encouraged others to do so too, a leadership that promoted a platform of fake nationalism to hide its failures. And echoing the tone and tenor of the top two leaders of the present regime, the Prime Minister and the Home Minister, are their minions across the country who exist because they obey.

  4. Pehle to totaa, mor 🦆 nachaa raha tha.. Rally kar rha tha. Kumbh ki permission di hui thi. Ab jab covid bekaabu ho chuka hai to putin – biden se baat karke dikha rha hai. Feku jhutha beshrm

  5. People are running away from the authorities & thus cases are rising.
    Be a bit selfless & show some solidarity.

  6. 3,000 missing infected patients. Oh! my God!!!! 3,000 will wander around and spreading other. If 1 can spread 5 people in a day then the 3,0000 will spread 15,000 a day and 15,000 will spread 75,000 a day and 75,000 will spread 375,000 and it keeps spreading.
    This country is beyond cured. If you want to live, stay at home and take all precautions.

  7. If in the month of may if the government builds health infastructure and imports billions of beds and other medical equipment we can pull down the cases from 3 lakh to few hundred ind sep to October.The third wave will come but india should learn from the second wave and then fight the third wave carefully and most important the government should say people to take loads of steam and yes steam works against Corona.

  8. Govt to produce oxygen concentrates kab jab un ki rally main koyi nahi bache ga jane ka liya

  9. Ap and Tamil Nadu and Telangana also take care about Karnataka's missing patients issue.
    Red alert.

  10. A proper planned lockdown and mass vaccination can only help us survive now! Health experts are saying next 2-3 weeks are most crucial. The government is not going to do anything…so, its better if we take care of ourselves, call off our social gatherings and only come out of the house if it's an emergency! Let's fight this pandemic together #StayHomeStaySafe

  11. "Pagla sudhar jao ", solves the problem with China and Russia. It will bring us prosperity. Otherwise common people of India became "Kangal" and weapon makers of Israel, the US, France, and Russia became rich to richer.

  12. Govt is doing nothing, people are dying, please help, condition is very worst, Please help God 🙏🙏🙏

  13. Modi should resign, he fail everything, bad PM ever, they can buy millitary equipment spending trillion dollor, why they cannot buy more Medical equioment, shamefull Gov't

  14. Agar hemein jaan bachane k liye China ki help Leni hai to Kya hua jaan hai to Jahan hai. Ye politics ke khel me apni jaan se mat khelo . Dekha hai kisi bade politicians ko oxygen k chalte marte hue .Hamein service chahiye China se laao ya kahi se bhi.

  15. If Modi was serious abt covid before the wave, he was supposed to do was building hospitals and accelerate vaccines, but he cared only on votes and rallies.

  16. Our govt system has completely failed, no beds , no oxygen, developed nations should come forward to help us.

  17. Poor innocent Muslims were lynched in India on fake charges of cow slaughter and none of those dying and being cremated, spoke against it due to their love of the holy cow-mother.Now is the payback time. Some of these corpses not fully burned due to lack of wood are being eaten by stray dogs. Karma is a bitch.

    Delhi is the most polluted city in the world. Now cremation by wood is adding to this pollution and spreading Corona in the air which in turn is making people sick and killing them, adding fuel to the fire. Now BJP should start on construction of a Shiva temple by razing an old mosque somewhere in UP to appease the god of death and destruction.

  18. Probably people have started stopped telling each other about covid affected in there own homes thus infecting the healthy… going out not so much of a problem thAn domestic help visit a number of houses are more a carrier of infection….mayb stickers of infected outside houses is a must

  19. Modi does nothing for the country and when the situation is worse like this , he will taĺnto world leaders and ask for relief fund and donations into PM fund.

  20. Pm has not done anything with Pm care fund it seems for 1 year.. now they r awake , they break the system and then try to save it. Godi media then put pm as a God . Pathetic.. all money should be donated to PM relief fund

  21. Thank you Modi for this. i know people are criticizing you really hard the last few days. They forget the reason the Nation brought you to power in 2014. India finally got rid of the most corrupt government of sardar ManMohan singh and Sonia Vincy.

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