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Covid update: Boris Johnson’s U-turn; Kerala & Eid relaxations; Olympics & cases

From Covid scare at the Olympics to row over easing curbs in Kerala due to Eid, here are the top updates on coronavirus. At least three athletes tested positive, two of them staying at Olympic Village, ahead of the Games, as per reports. Meanwhile, UK PM Boris Johnson and Finance Minister Rishi Sunak took a U-turn on not to self-isolate. Johnson and Sunak, who had been exposed to a person with Covid-19, will now self-isolate. UK government had earlier announced that they both will continue to work instead of self-isolating, which attracted criticism. Also, the Assam government has withdrawn relaxations given to travelers entering the state. Now, those entering Assam will have to undergo health checkup and Covid-19 test has been made mandatory even for those who are fully vaccinated. Watch the full video for more updates on the pandemic.

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28 comments on “Covid update: Boris Johnson’s U-turn; Kerala & Eid relaxations; Olympics & cases

  1. They first in 2018 had Nippa.

    Then the first case of COVID-19 was reported in Kerala.

    Then the first case of this new Zika virus is reported in Kerala.

    I guess many appreciated this so called "Kerala model" too soon.

    In the world communist parties mean anti religion. In India it mean anti hindu. I still can't believe 55% Hindus in that state still are naive by thinking all are brothers and all keralites thinking there is something wrong with the rest of India (especially the North) where as their state is perfect.

  2. Stop this nonsense of living animals
    As if you don't eat living plants every day
    Around 80%people in India eat non- veg and we are only around 25%
    I wonder who are the rest

  3. This is our religious politics
    Kanyar yatra cancelled when covid cases are under control in 3 state-it's ok I support it for covid situations

    Relaxation in kerala but there are lot of covid cases but for EID it is not a matter 👏👏👏🙏
    what politics… don't say that I am a rss ,bjp supporter or anti Muslim
    Because any person who have atleast some kind of brain knows the reason ithink

  4. What type of selective judiciary is this??
    One side courts ordered to stop kanwar yatra…but on the other side…courts remained silent 🤫 for EID relaxations in Kerala…

  5. We cancelled kawar yatra and these illeterate appeasers can't Even make musims follow the appropriate measures during these times and then talk about bengal election rallies and modi 😅😅

  6. With onky 47 new cases Uttarakhand govt decides to Cancle a major Hindu pilgrimage but with over 14000 new cases and still rising Kerla's pro Islamic govt decides to give relaxation in covid norms. Thats the real Muslim appeasement politics.

  7. See kerala istan" despite rising covid cases in kerala they are relaxing the lockdown for EID… !! And when Modi ji does the same for Kumbha mela all media along with international media blames PM… pathetic !!

  8. Leave the sheep alone .. stop animal abuse .. cruelty to innocent animals is a sin .. Islam is committing a grave sin by slaughtering innocent animals . Then one wonders y Covid ?????? I say .. THANK YOU COVID

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