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COVID-19: Small businesses owners shunned by government support packages | 7NEWS

Tens of thousands of small business owners are pleading for more support.. after finding out they are not eligible for the Victorian Government’s latest round of subsidies and grants. Subscribe to 7NEWS for the latest video »

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26 comments on “COVID-19: Small businesses owners shunned by government support packages | 7NEWS

  1. The puppets of for the IMF and UN are doing their job. One step closer to universal basic income! Yet the sheep are going to the slaughterhouse by taking the jab!

  2. That's the intent. Get everybody dependent on big multinationals (who also support the major political parties).

  3. Well lucky I sold my business last year I foreseen this sort of thing continuing for at least the next 3 years lock downs restrictions less public movement ect not a good time to be a small business.

  4. It take 1 to 1.5 months (2 jabs) to be fully vaccinated. So lets not become like india and the uk outbreaks.

  5. U dont say?? I guess this is what happens when u stop people leaving houses… or am I wrong?

  6. You guys get full payment and you don't care rest of the people. Get cut your salary and we'll talk from there

  7. That's ok as long as Dan got his home haircut and getting paid $350k plus a year we are all ok.

  8. People might not die a lot because of the disease but suicidality and continuous mental illness 🙁

  9. If you dont earn enough you dont get help….but if you earn well then you get help but not if you saved a bit of money.


  10. The government are bringing in people contaminated with "Covid" so the government need to be held accountable for compensating our people..

  11. CEARLY NO NEED FOR THIS LOCK DOWN..FIRST many false postives..many case people already in lock down…country Victoria has nothing to do with this….This is a clear case where Victorian gov should been told Not to lock down …why shoukd rest Australia pay for this ..ITS NOT FEDERAL GOVERNMENTS PROBLEM ….This is MAD DICTATORSHIP in VICTORIA labor party…who can not run a brothel let alone a state…All the Fault labor party

  12. Its Melbourne say no more
    But thanks for being in lock down you're keeping the rest of Australia safe 👍

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