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CORONAVIRUS is spread by FARTS according the the CDC and GOVERNMENT ministers #pongdemic

CORONAVIRUS could be spread through FARTING, government ministers have claimed.

Some officials have privately pointed to evidence that the virus can be spread through omitting bodily gasses in confined spaces like bathrooms.

One minister told The Telegraph that they read “credible-looking stuff on it” from other countries around the world.

They claimed there had been evidence of a “genomical-linked tracing connection between two individuals from a [toilet] cubicle in Australia”.

Also, there have been some “well-documented cases of diseases spreading through waste pipes during lockdowns in Hong Kong when the U-bend had dried out”.

However, government scientists have not confirmed the claim.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister said he was not aware the virus can be spread by farting.

“We keep the latest scientific evidence under review,” the spokesman added.

Testing has found that Covid-19 can be found in poo.

The risk of spreading Covid is through to be lessened as underwear and clothes could act as a filter to harmful particles in the same way a face mask works.

Last May, Australian doctor Andy Tagg pointed out that farting could cause coronavirus after analysing a series of tests take from coronavirus patients earlier this year.

He cited tests that revealed the virus was present in the faeces of 55 per cent of patients with Covid-19.

Dr Tagg wrote: “Well, SARS-CoV-2 can be detected in faeces and has been detected in an asymptomatic individual up to 17 days post-exposure.”

He added: “Perhaps SARS-CoV-2 can be spread through the power of parping – we need more evidence.

“So remember to wear appropriate PPE at all times and stay safe!”

Earlier in the pandemic, China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced that pants should be an effective barrier against farts that might carry coronavirus.

The health body said that farts are unlikely to transmit the virus provided pants are worn.

However, it warned that if the infected patient was not wearing pants, and they released a large amount of gas, then someone else – if they took a close sniff at the gas – could be at risk.

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36 comments on “CORONAVIRUS is spread by FARTS according the the CDC and GOVERNMENT ministers #pongdemic

  1. That’s not new, it’s said that is possible but very unlikely a year ago. Everything u can smell means that the mask is not fully protecting u. With a real medical mask u smell nothing.

  2. The public will no doubt be relieved to know that a lot of political figures, including, but by no means limited to, Bozo, Frottage, Gove, Limpcock, Dyson, Banks, Raab, Ratcliffe, etc., are not capable of passing on Covid through flatulence, because they are just cu…

  3. Well, I kinda know this is based on true events, but, nontheless, that's enough internet for today… 😅

    PS: I just farted & kinda killed the neighbor's cat, but I'm pretty sure that didn't have to do anything with Coronapocalypse!

  4. I seen this vlog this morning showed it to family and friends at my Grandsons Christening today it's been put off for 18 months We all had a Great Laugh. Maybe you might get more Fan's.

  5. That reminded me of the dictators speech in Woddy Allen's Bannanas. "All citizens will be required to change their underware every half hour and wear them on the outside so we can check", well something like that anyway.

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